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Surgical Team Saves Lives In Afghanistan

September 30, 2010 6:51 am | Videos | Comments

Forward surgical teams are spread throughout forward operating bases in Afghanistan. They are the first line of hospital care service members and locals receive during an emergency. Air Force Staff Sgt. Alana Ingram takes us to Forward Operating Base Sharana as their FST brings in a pair of casualties.

Surgeons Rebuild Hit-And-Run Victim’s Shattered Leg Using Stem Cells

September 30, 2010 6:51 am | Videos | Comments

A groundbreaking surgical technique has been used to rebuild the leg of a woman who suffered a bad break in a hit-and-run accident. Diane Stuttard had been told she would have to have her leg amputated after 11 operations failed to fix her bones. But in a world first, surgeons used her own stem cells to repair the damage - and lengthen the shattered limb.

Be The Change In Your OR

September 29, 2010 7:52 am | by Amanda Hankel, editor | Product Releases | Comments

“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi It seems I’ve heard or seen this quote a thousand times – in graduation speeches, on high school yearbook pages, so on and so forth. After awhile, it just seemed overused, and it lost its motivational impact.


ATP Complete And Test® InstruSponge™

September 29, 2010 7:51 am | Ruhof Corporation | Product Releases | Comments

Test® InstruSponge™ is an absorbent swab on a flexible wand that allows for easy maneuvering through complex internal channels of scopes and cannulated instruments to verify if there are any contaminants left after cleaning. Test® Instrusponge™ is used in conjunction with the ATP Complete Handheld Unit and Test® Swabs to give an accurate numerical measure of bioburden present.

Reconstruction Options Not Discussed For Many Breast Cancer Patients

September 29, 2010 7:33 am | News | Comments

A survey of 762 women with breast cancer who were eligible for breast reconstruction conducted by the Cancer Support Community (CSC) found that 43 percent of patients do not receive information about breast reconstruction options when making treatment decisions at diagnosis. Findings also suggest that a credible, accessible and validated single resource for patients on the topic of breast reconstruction is not available - demonstrating the need for a comprehensive information source about breast reconstruction that makes it easier for patients to make an informed, educated and personally satisfying decision.


Hospital Recognized For Environmental Responsibility

September 29, 2010 7:32 am | News | Comments

Jersey Shore University Medical Center's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED@) was recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council and verified by the Green Building Certification Institute. It is the first hospital in New Jersey and the largest on the east coast to receive the honor.

Shorter Hours Approved For Rookie Doctors

September 29, 2010 7:32 am | News | Comments

CHICAGO (AP) — Sleep-deprived rookie doctors will be getting shorter work shifts, along with stricter supervision. The Chicago-based Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education announced late Tuesday that its board has approved the rules first outlined in June. Council CEO Thomas Nasca says the new rules aim to ensure patient safety and a humanistic learning environment for doctors-in-training.

Exercise Could Cut Womb Cancer Risk By 30 Percent

September 29, 2010 7:32 am | News | Comments

LONDON (AP) — Women who regularly work up a sweat exercising have a 30 percent lower risk of developing endometrial cancer, a new study says. Researchers at the United States' National Cancer Institute analyzed 14 previous studies and found physical activity cuts the risk of endometrial cancer by 20 to 40 percent when compared to sedentary women.


Feds Reopen Probe Into Medical Scanner Approvals

September 29, 2010 7:31 am | News | Comments

Matthew Perrone, AP Health Writer WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal inspectors have reopened an investigation into complaints by Food and Drug Administration scientists who say they were pressured by their managers to approve high-tech medical scanners that could pose harm to patients. The lead inspector overseeing the matter told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the inquiry into the allegations, which were dismissed in February, is being revisited to look at manager misconduct.


$93,000 Cancer Drug: How Much Is A Life Worth?

September 29, 2010 7:31 am | News | Comments

Marilynn Marchione, AP Medical Writer In this Aug. 16, 2010 photo, patient Bob Svensson is hooked up to a blood infusion machine under the care of Nancy Grant, a registered nurse at the American Red Cross in Dedham, Mass., as he undergoes a $93,000 prostate cancer treatment.

Incisionless Surgical Management Of GERD

September 28, 2010 8:29 am | Product Releases | Comments

The clinically-proven TIF (Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication) procedure, performed using the innovative EsophyX surgical device from EndoGastric Solutions, is becoming a new standard in treating moderate to moderately severe GERD (gastroesophageal disease). Nearly 3,500 TIF procedures have been performed worldwide.

Fluid Waste Management In The OR

September 28, 2010 8:27 am | Articles | Comments

Mary Hannon, Aspen Surgical Director of Marketing Falls are a leading cause of work-related injuries and deaths.  The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 235,419 falls occurred in 2009, with an estimated 579 of those falls resulting in fatality.


Our Health Care Happy Meal

September 28, 2010 8:26 am | by Dr. Wes | Articles | Comments

Parents the world over know the magic of McDonald's Happy Meals. There's something about the promise of a Happy Meal -- the way it's packaged, the free toy -- young families and especially kids find them irresistible. But anyone who's purchased one of these knows the reality: that toys within the Happy Meal are typically played with for no more than three minutes and the plastic tchotchkes are discarded faster than the accompanying 2% milk.

Laparoscopic Instrument Moves Like A Finger

September 28, 2010 8:25 am | Microline Surgical, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

Microline’s LapFinger is a 5 mm laparoscopic instrument that mimics the movements of the human index finger with a reusable handpiece and interchangeable, disposable tips. The instrument helps facilitate advanced laparoscopic procedures by reaching behind and around objects.

3M Helps Fight Infection Through Education

September 28, 2010 8:24 am | 3M Health Care | News | Comments

3M kicked off its Infection Prevention Leadership summit Monday and will host educational events all week, culminating in World MRSA Day, a MRSA Survivor’s Network event, during which the company sponsor the live Webcast of the day’s activities. September 28, 2010 As a company on a mission to help hospitals fight healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), 3M Infection Prevention is hosting educational events this week.


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