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Not A Cure, But Wins Show Progress Against Cancer

June 11, 2010 6:07 am | News | Comments

Marilynn Marchione, AP Doctors reported gains against nearly every form of cancer at a conference that ended this week. Yet when Will Thomas heard about an advance against prostate cancer, he wanted to know just one thing: “Is it a cure?” “I see billions and billions done on research, and it's all for treatment,” said the Alabama man who has several friends with the disease.

Recession Impacting Hospital Quality

June 11, 2010 5:47 am | News | Comments

During past recessions, the financial stability of hospitals seemed to be nearly indestructible. But researchers at the University of Michigan Health System and St. Joseph Mercy Health System say the current national economic crisis may be an exception. Hospitals are reporting declining profits, likely as a result of Americans losing health insurance as they lose jobs.

Eyelid Shortcut Offers Less Invasive Surgical Approach

June 11, 2010 5:32 am | News | Comments

Surgeons at Johns Hopkins have safely and effectively operated inside the brains of a dozen patients by making a small entry incision through the natural creases of an eyelid to reach the skull and deep brain. They say access to the skull and brain through either lid, formally known as a transpalpebral orbitofrontal craniotomy, sharply contrasts with the more laborious, physically damaging and invasive, traditional means of entry used in brain surgery that requires opening the top half of the skull.


Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

June 10, 2010 6:21 am | Videos | Comments

Is a new procedure that induces weight loss by restricting food intake. With this procedure, the surgeon removes approximately 85 percent of the stomach laparoscopically so that the stomach takes the shape of a tube or "sleeve." It is larger than the stomach pouch created during Roux-en-Y bypass—and is about the size of a banana.

Laparoscopic Repair Of Groin Hernia

June 10, 2010 5:56 am | Videos | Comments

This is how a groin hernia is repaired laparoscopically (using keyhole surgery). The full name of the technique is the laparoscopic totally extraperitoneal mesh repair. 3 very small incisions (one hidden in the umbilicus) replace the single large incision of the conventional open approach.


NeedleSafe Helps Reduce Needlestick Injuries and Hazardous Waste

June 10, 2010 5:55 am | Videos | Comments

NeedleSafe is a versatile needle recapper and syringe holder that eliminates the risk of needle stick injury by enabling single-handed recapping. Easily mounted horizontally or vertically on any smooth surface, it also recaps IV catheters and phlebotomy sets. FDA approved and OSHA compliant, NeedleSafe is durable and reusable, saving you from budget-busting safety needle-syringe systems.

Modularity Is Key

June 9, 2010 8:20 am | by Steve Palmer, Director of Marketing, TRUMPF Medical Systems, Inc. | TRUMPF | Articles | Comments

What should surgical professionals consider of when purchasing equipment booms to ensure their OR is adaptable for future upgrades and updates? June 9, 2010 A key concept has been modularity. When purchasing equipment booms, the surgical professional has to consider whether the system is functionally flexible.


Showing Nurses The Respect They Deserve

June 9, 2010 8:19 am | by Amanda McGowan, editor | Product Releases | Comments

When I was in high school, my summer job involved waitressing at a local restaurant in my hometown in Wisconsin. While I admit, waitressing was not my forte—I was not all that good at it, nor was I fond of it—the job taught me a bit about dealing with people, especially people who are being waited on, or, in some sense, “cared for.

Mat Absorbs Surgical Fluid

June 9, 2010 8:18 am | Product Releases | Comments

Aspen Surgical announces a new addition to the company’s Fluid Management Line: the SurgiSafe® CinchMat™.  According to the company, the product combines effective absorbency with an easier way to handle the mat during disposal. Additional features include: The top layer that has superior wicking ability to quickly absorb fluids to prevent pooling and splashing.

Keep Floors Free Of Fluids

June 9, 2010 8:18 am | AVEC Scientific Design | Product Releases | Comments

Avec Scientific Design offers fluid control products for alleviating fluids on the floor in the OR, scrub area or trauma areas. The Quick Wick Absorbent Mats are made of super absorbent fibers locking in fluids to help keep floors dry, protecting staff from injuries, and to prevent contamination.

Essential Practice Documents Introduced For Wound, Ostomy & Continence Care

June 9, 2010 8:16 am | News | Comments

  Wound, ostomy and continence care professionals are anticipating the presentation of three essential practice documents at the 2010 Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses (WOCN) Society Joint Conference. The conference, held in conjunction with the World Council of Enterostomal Therapists (WCET), convenes June 12-16, 2010 in Phoenix, AZ.

Leading Heart Surgeon Urges Doctors To Embrace Robotic Surgery

June 9, 2010 8:16 am | News | Comments

PHILADELPHIA, June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Francis Sutter, one of five leaders in the United States in minimally-invasive robotic assisted beating heart coronary bypass surgery has accepted an invitation to speak at the 2010 World Congress of Cardiology and World Heart Federation in Beijing on the topic of robotic heart surgery.



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