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Stimulation May Not Help After Spinal Surgery

February 19, 2010 4:23 am | News | Comments

(Reuters) A commonly used treatment for patients who still suffer chronic back and leg pain after having back surgery is essentially no better than specialized pain treatment or standard medical treatment, a study shows. But the findings do not mean that the procedure – spinal cord stimulation – will not help some people, Dr.

Drugs Could Help Lessen Tumor Removal Risks

February 19, 2010 4:10 am | News | Comments

More than 57,000 Americans face a diagnosis of kidney cancer each year, but now patients with soon have another treatment option. A pilot study at UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center found that therapy before surgery with the drug Sorafenib can reduce the size of large tumors and could be safely administered without adding significantly to the risks of surgery.

Canada Targets Shorter Surgical Waiting Lists

February 19, 2010 3:51 am | News | Comments

Alberta Health Services will spend $8 million over the next six weeks to reduce surgical waiting times, especially those on hold for urgent cancer surgeries and hip and knee replacements. Although health services also announced plans to increase the number of surgeries, MRIs, CT scans and cataract procedures by 10 percent over the next year, health critics said the plan is a short-term fix that moves the province towards more private delivery of health care.


Surgery For Diabetes

February 18, 2010 4:22 am | Videos | Comments

Type 2 diabetes can be a potentially deadly disease. Exercise and eating right can lower risk for stroke and death in patients who are overweight with diabetes. Cleveland Clinic Bariatric Surgery study is for patients who need additional help. The procedure reduces the size of the stomach and may help reduce or even treat all symptoms of diabetes without medicine.

Patient Positioning And Preparation

February 18, 2010 4:21 am | Videos | Comments

Anthony A Romeo, M.D. shows proper patient positioning and preparation before implanting the Univers II into the patient. The Univers II Total Shoulder represents the definitive anatomic solution for total shoulder arthroplasty. The Univers II humeral component design accounts for anatomical variations of the proximal humerus commonly encountered by the surgeon.

CHG Cloths

February 18, 2010 4:20 am | Sage Products Inc | Videos | Comments

Sage 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) cloths are the first and only FDA-approved, alcohol-free applicator cloths designed for easy patient preoperative skin preparation, and are effective against resistant organisms including MRSA, VRE and others. These rinse-free, quick-drying cloths reduce these microorganisms on the skin, a known factor for surgical site infections (SSIs).

Modular Primary Hip System

February 17, 2010 6:12 am | Product Releases | Comments

Stryker Orthopaedics introduces its Rejuvenate Modular Primary Hip System, which is designed to help recreate the anatomy and hip biomechanics of individual patients. The system was developed to optimize anatomic restoration. According to the company, the system features: Options that offer enhanced stability, modularity and intra-operative flexibility.


Breast Endoscopy System To Find Breast Cancer

February 17, 2010 6:06 am | Solos Endoscopy.Com | Product Releases | Comments

Solos Endoscopy MammoView™ Breast Endoscopy System employs advanced microendoscopes and optical technology to give physicians sharp, clear images of the milk ducts, where the majority of breast cancers arise. The MammoView™ system distinguishes and inspects suspicious precancerous lesions undetectable by other methods.

The Risks of Hospitals Live-Tweeting Surgeries

February 17, 2010 6:04 am | Articles | Comments

  Should hospitals send twitter "updates" on patients undergoing complicated catheter ablation procedures using "pre-approved" scripted story lines? In a far corner of the operating room Thursday, a Web producer and a cardiac expert with St. Vincent’s huddled over a laptop.


Chlorhexidine Gluconate As An Antiseptic Agent

February 17, 2010 6:04 am | Articles | Comments

Researchers explore the effect not adhering to the product guidelines has on the efficacy of CHG as a surgical antisepsis in patient prep. February 17, 2010 Chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) is often diluted prior to its use in surgical antisepsis and is applied in a one-scrub application. The manufacturer of this solution, however, does not advocate dilution of the product and recommends a two-scrub application.

Fetal Surgery Continues to Advance

February 17, 2010 5:14 am | News | Comments

Repairing birth defects in the womb. Inserting a tiny laser into the mother's uterus to seal off an abnormal blood flow and save fetal twins. Advancing the science that may allow doctors to deliver cells or DNA to treat sickle cell anemia and other genetic diseases before birth. These are examples of the still-emerging field of fetal surgery.


Building A Heart Care Partnership

February 17, 2010 4:59 am | News | Comments

Retailer Lowe’s will offer its employees heart surgery at the Cleveland Clinic, under an alliance between the hospital and the home improvement chain. Mooresville, N.C.-based Lowe’s says the new benefit will provide full-time workers and their covered dependents with the “best of the best&rdquo in cardiac care, with lower out-of-pocket expenses than at other facilities.

Simple Test For Athletic Concussions

February 17, 2010 4:46 am | News | Comments

(Reuters) A simple, inexpensive test of reaction time may help determine on the sidelines whether an athlete has suffered a concussion, according to research from the American Academy of Neurology. Research has shown that reaction time is slower after a concussion – even as long as several days after other symptoms have resolved.

Tweeting Matters Of The Heart ... Surgery

February 17, 2010 4:36 am | News | Comments

Robert Peacock is no celebrity, but his heart may be on its way to becoming one. He allowed St. Vincent's Medical Center in Jacksonville to tweet his heart procedure, with a hospital representative giving a snip-by-snip account of the procedure live on Twitter. For the occasion, he insisted on star treatment.


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