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Endoscopic Cryotherapy System

March 17, 2009 11:19 am | Gi Supply | Product Releases | Comments

The Polar Wand Endoscopic Cryotherapy System offers a safe, simple means for controlled ablation of mucosal lesions of the GI tract. The endoscopist uses the Polar Wand to ablate tissue by spraying CO2 through a flexible catheter that is passed down the biopsy channel of an endoscope. This spray technology gives the endoscopist the ability to quickly treat large areas and reduce procedure time.

Laparoscopic Morcellation System

March 17, 2009 11:19 am | Karl Storz Endoscopy-America, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

The ROTOCUT™ G1 Morcellation System is a powerful unit for laparoscopic extraction of large tissue masses. This laparoscopic morcellation system combines optimized weight distribution and direct power transmission to provide simple handling and reduced procedure times. A slender trocar cannula provides rapid tissue extraction, while a hardened blade edge ensures durability and efficient cutting.

Reverse-Pivot Linear Cutter

March 17, 2009 11:19 am | Power Medical Interventions Inc | Product Releases | Comments

The i60R Intelligent Surgical Instrument is an innovative reverse pivot linear cutter designed to improve medical outcomes by providing surgeons with greater access to important anatomical sites that are currently difficult to reach. The i60R will be available for applications throughout the digestive tract.


DVI to Fiber Optic Converter for Medical Displays

March 17, 2009 11:19 am | Cp Technologies | Product Releases | Comments

The ClearLinks™ CL-DVIE-2 is the first DVI to fiber optic converter to incorporate LED fiber channel status indicators. Broken or non-connected optical fiber can now be immediately detected saving time and costs associated with OR integration. The new self programming feature allows any medical or surgical monitor with up to 1920x1200 resolution to be used with the CL-DVIE-2.

Unit Dose Bins

March 17, 2009 11:19 am | Medi-Dose, Inc./EPS, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

EPS Unit Dose Bins provide efficient dispensing and storage of unit dose meds. They are ideal for solids and liquids, as well as syringes and injectables. The bins fit 36-inch wide shelves and are manufactured from high-impact, durable polystyrene. They can be mounted on EPS Gravity Flow rails for both security and easy visibility of product.

HD Surgical Display & Transmitter

March 17, 2009 11:19 am | Stryker Endoscopy | Product Releases | Comments

The WiSe™ HDTV Flat Panel Monitor represents the first wireless 1080p flat panel in the medical field. The monitor, combined with the WiSe HDTV Transmitter, brings optimal resolution, brightness, and optical clarity to the OR. Uncompressed 1080p is transmitted wirelessly to eliminate cable clutter and potential costly repairs to flat panels.

Medical Imaging Workstation

March 17, 2009 11:19 am | Anthro Corporation | Product Releases | Comments

The Elevate™ Adjusta, the newest member of Anthro's Elevate Electric Lift Family, is especially well suited for medical imaging applications (PACS), as it supports up to five monitors and features quiet and easy height adjustment. The Elevate Adjusta has dual work surfaces, one which adjusts electronically and one which adjusts manually.

Xenon Replacement Lamps

March 17, 2009 11:19 am | Ushio America, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

The 300 and 175 watt "VAC" ceramic xenon replacement lamps are backed by a 700 hour non-prorated warranty and typically exceed 1,000-hour lifetimes. The "VAC" ceramic xenon lamps, with patent pending designs, ensure enhanced lumen maintenance and higher arc stability in medical lighting systems.


Pediatric Patient Return Electrode Pad

March 17, 2009 11:19 am | Product Releases | Comments

To address the small patient size and fragile skin challenges pediatric electrosurgery poses, the Pediatric Mega Soft® reusable return electrode. The Pediatric Mega Soft contains the same proven current limiting technology of the standard Mega Soft that automatically limits circuit current in the event of contact disruption.

Battery Powered Headlight System

March 17, 2009 11:19 am | Lit Surgical | Product Releases | Comments

Designed for surgical illumination, the ONE™ HEADLIT battery powered system has a tether-less design, allowing surgeons complete freedom in the operating room. The unique ultra-lightweight design offers unparalleled comfort. ONE HEADLIT provides superior quality when compared to conventional light systems, with an optical navigation engine that is color-balanced for surgery and allows for light aperture, direction and intensity adjustments.

ACOG Annual Clinical Meeting (ACM)

March 13, 2009 10:25 am | News | Comments

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, ACM. Chicago, Illinois Online Registration and Housing (Available until April 7, 2009) http://www.

The Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons Annual Meeting (SAGES)

March 13, 2009 10:21 am | News | Comments

SAGES represents a worldwide community of surgeons that can bring minimal access surgery, endoscopy and emerging techniques to patients in every country.

AORN Annual Congress

March 13, 2009 10:17 am | News | Comments

AORN is a professional association that empowers the OR nurse with education, standards of practice, and peer networking. Chicago, IL. March 14 - 19th, 2009 http://www.

Does the OR Need HD?

February 25, 2009 4:38 am | News | Comments

High definition technology is increasingly finding its way into operating rooms around the world. This could be the next revolution in minimally invasive surgery. While already well established in the consumer market, high definition (HD) technology is increasingly showing up in medical settings and surgical suites.


Taking the Pressure Off the Patients

February 17, 2009 6:06 am | Product Releases | Comments

Pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers in patients can occur when the pressure on the skin and soft tissue, typically at a boney prominence, exceeds the capillary blood pressure and blood flow stops. After about two hours, tissue necrosis begins to set in. When this happens, a sore starts to develop. This can pose a serious danger to any surgical patients, but especially those undergoing longer procedures.



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