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Clinical Supply Management System

June 16, 2008 1:11 pm | Innerspace Corp. | Product Releases | Comments

The System 100™ clinical supply management system uses embedded Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and biometric security access to reliably and accurately track and account for high cost clinical supplies in real time. This innovative solution helps hopitals to maximize charge capture, reduce costs associated with expired items, optimize inventory, meet compliance mandates and ultimately provide improved patient care.

Infection-Control Keyboard

June 16, 2008 1:11 pm | Product Releases | Comments

Advanced Input Systems has developed a line of infection-control keyboards for medical environments to address studies that have shown keyboards to be a significant source of bacterial cross-contamination. The Cart Sized Medigenic® 101 Compliance Infection-Control Keyboard is the latest in the series that uniquely helps monitor its own cleaning status to safeguard both patient and staff.

Noninvasive Hemoglobin Monitoring System

June 16, 2008 1:11 pm | Masimo Corp | Product Releases | Comments

Masimo has received FDA clearance for a new noninvasive and continuous total hemoglobin monitoring technology (SpHb™). The availability of Masimo SpHb technology can make hemoglobin measurement more convenient and broadly available to clinicians in both hospital and outpatient settings, helping them to make earlier and better clinical decisions, improve patient safety and decrease costs.


Digital Imaging Medical System

June 16, 2008 1:11 pm | Foresight Imaging | Product Releases | Comments

The new Versions 2.2 of the TIMS DICOM System software includes several new features that enhance the existing system based on the requests of current TIMS customers. These new features include audio recording and annotation (especially for speech pathology), audio playback, audio recording to CD/DVD, file attachment, editing of saved studies, GIF and TIF file import (in addition to the current BMP, AVI, JPG and PNG), DICOM send lists, study editing improvements and other general workflow enhancements.

Unicompartmental Knee Resurfacing Implant

June 16, 2008 1:11 pm | Conformis, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

The iUni™ unicompartmental knee resurfacing implant is one of four patient-specific implants ConforMIS has developed for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee, the most common reason for knee replacement surgery. Designed for patients whose arthritic damage is isolated to either the medial or lateral compartments of the knee, with little to no damage present in the other compartments, the use of a unicompartmental implant is often referred to as “partial knee replacement.

Surgical Instrument Sharpness Test Standards Kit

June 16, 2008 1:11 pm | Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp. | Product Releases | Comments

Spectrum Surgical is now offering an innovative kit for testing surgical instruments for proper sharpness. The Sharpness Test Standards Kit includes easy-to-understand instructions, all sharpness testing materials and full-color photographs illustrating everything the user needs to know about testing scissors, curettes, Kerrison rongeurs, osteotomes, chisels, pin cutters, bone cutters, biopsy punches and more.

Navigation System for Radiation Treatment

June 16, 2008 1:11 pm | Calypso Medical Technologies, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

The FDA recently cleared a new indication for the use of implantable Beacon® electromagnetic transponders with the Calypso System in external beam radiation therapy for prostatectomy patients. Known as GPS for the Body®, the Calypso System utilizes transponders to setup and continuously track the position of targeted tissue during radiation treatment.

Digital Scales

June 16, 2008 1:10 pm | Scale-Tronix, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

The Models 6202 and 6202D STOW-A-WEIGH Scales mount snug against the wall and protrude a mere four inches when not in use. They are designed for stand-on weighing, wheelchair patients and will even accommodate patients on stretchers. The scales are particularly well suited for high traffic areas or where floor space is limited.


Medical Imaging Video Display

June 16, 2008 1:10 pm | Stryker Endoscopy | Product Releases | Comments

The Vision Elect HDTV™ Flat Panel Monitor is the ideal complement to the 1188 HD 3-Chip® Camera. This 26-inch monitor provides clear, brilliant images on a spacious, widescreen display. Offering both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio display formats, improved color reproduction and new picture-by-picture capabilities, this high definition platform is designed to create the optimal operating environment for the surgeon.

Reusable Electrosurgical Pen

June 16, 2008 1:10 pm | Product Releases | Comments

Megadyne’s 12-use E-Z Pen™ is designed to deliver optimal electrosurgical performance to surgical teams. The minimal reuse E-Z Pen is cost effective, so hospitals can use the E-Z Pen with E-Z Clean® in every surgical case at a lower cost. The E-Z clean coating decreases thermal necrosis, making cleaning easier and less frequent.

Digital Mapping Technology For Instrument Repair

June 16, 2008 1:10 pm | Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp. | Product Releases | Comments

Spectra-Scan™ is the first digital mapping technology designed specifically for instrument repair. The digital microscope records images for “before and after” repair documentation. It also locates and records micro cracks, missing teeth, pitting and the presence of bioburden. This technology can magnify 250 times allowing photographic images to be cataloged for liability prevention or printed out for departmental training.

Enzymatic Instrument Cleaner

June 16, 2008 1:10 pm | Ruhof Corporation | Product Releases | Comments

Non-sudsing and ph-neutral, Endozime® AW Triple Plus with APA is a “two-in-one” enzymatic cleaner and detergent. At the calibration value of only a half-ounce per gallon of water, its unique multi-tiered enzyme formulation guarantees the removal of all bio-burden from surgical instruments and even leaves the inside chambers of washers residue-free.

Surgical Sponge RFID Tracking System

May 19, 2008 10:22 am | Product Releases | Comments

Cardinal Health has reached an agreement to distribute ClearCount’s patented SmartSponge™ system as part of its Presource® surgical kits and as a stand alone offering. The sponges are permanently affixed with passive radio frequency identification (RFID) tags that are smaller than a dime.

Bariatric Pads & Positioners

May 19, 2008 10:22 am | Action Products, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

Action® OR pads and positioners provide high-performance shear and pressure management for the obese patient. These reusable, durable products are made of Akton® polymer and designed to withstand the physical demands of the obese population. Action products evenly distribute weight and heat, offer maximum patient support and provide the consistent high-performance critical for longer term procedures.

The Titans of Surgical Tables

May 15, 2008 6:36 am | Product Releases | Comments

SKYTRON’s UltraSlide 3600B Top-Slide Surgical Table provides 1000-pound lift and 800-pound articulation. Despite the best efforts of doctors, government agencies, nutritionists and exercise gurus, the number of overweight Americans continues to rise and obesity remains at epidemic levels.


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