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Heavy Lifting

May 11, 2005 12:06 pm | Product Releases | Comments

For decades, a preoccupation with body weight has been ingrained in the American psyche. Over the years, Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons, Tony Little, and the Tae-Bo Guy have been tapping into this obsession and telling the public that happiness and a whole new life awaits for those who are willing to work up a sweat, drop a few pounds, and tone those legs and upper bodies.

PDA Reference Material

May 11, 2005 12:05 pm | Skyscape Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

The third edition of The M.D. Anderson Surgical Oncology Handbook (or SurgOnco) is now available in PDA format for instant access at the point of care. Prepared by current and former surgical oncology fellows of the world-renowned M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, this handheld reference is a practical guide to established surgical oncology principles for each organ system.

LED Light Headset

May 11, 2005 12:05 pm | Vision USA | Product Releases | Comments

The Bright Star LED system offers a number of headset viewing options, and features both an adjustable knob and cushioned Head Loupe for greater comfort and convenience. Featuring bright, direct, LED light, dual pivot points, an on/off switch, and powered by AAA batteries (included), the headset is available alone or with +1.


Clark Socket

May 11, 2005 12:05 pm | White Star Medical, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

This solid stainless steel Clark Socket (Model # CS1116SS) fits all American-made tables with standard 3/8-inch wide by 1-1/8-inch high side rails. The teeth were engineered not to chip or wear down. This Clark Socket can be sterilized with either gas or heat, and will not rust. It will fit any round mounting posts up to 11/16-inch in diameter.

Exam Gloves

May 11, 2005 12:05 pm | Product Releases | Comments

The newly developed hand-specific (left/right fitted) Micro-Touch® ErgoGrip™ powder-free latex examination glove features a smooth, anti-slip finish that provides optimal tactile sensitivity similar to that of surgical gloves. Its polymer coating provides excellent dry and damp hand donnability.

Scope Cleaning Brush Kit

May 11, 2005 12:05 pm | Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp. | Product Releases | Comments

The Flexible Scope Cleaning Kit contains two brushes measuring 240 cm in overall length. The first has two distinct ends, one measuring 3 mm the other 6 mm, both designed for cleaning the biopsy channel. The second 240-cm brush is the “Clean-N-Dry™” brush which has a 3-mm end and a sponge end designed for drying.

Fiberoptic Light Cables

May 11, 2005 12:05 pm | Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp. | Product Releases | Comments

With ten colors available, Spectrum’s line of Color-Coded Fiberoptic Light Cables makes it easy to track by department. These light cables are fully autoclavable and can be produced to fit any make or model of scope and light source. In addition, Spectrum offers a variety of diameters ranging from 2.

Hi-Fidelity Imaging Camera

May 11, 2005 12:05 pm | Karl Storz Endoscopy-America, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

Booth # 901 • The Image 1® Pendulum Camera Heads are a key expansion of the company's imaging platform for the urology, ENT and OB/GYN markets. Pendulum cameras provide capabilities that support imaging system standardization across a range of specialties. The Image 1 Pendulum system offers a number of advanced features, including the camera head's small size and multiple focal lengths.


General Purpose/Bariatric Surgical Table

May 11, 2005 12:05 pm | Skytron | Product Releases | Comments

Booth # 401 • The Hercules 6700B Surgical Table provides imaging capability for today’s most advanced general purpose and bariatric procedures, reducing the need for multiple support accessories and optimizing ease of patient set-ups. The 6700B offers powerful 1,200-pound lift and 1,000-pound articulation, 210-degree top rotation, full body imaging, 24-inch low table height, 30-degree patient articulation with full table functions, removable back and leg sections, an optional carbon fiber back/leg section attachment and/or power shoulder arthroscopy positioner, durable back-lit one-touch pendant control, a full line general purpose and bariatric table accessories, and more.

Bariatric Foot Extensions

May 11, 2005 12:05 pm | Product Releases | Comments

Booth # 824 • The Amsco® 3080/3085 SP™ Bariatric Foot Extension provides extraordinary patient weight and width capacity and expanded surgical capabilities for Amsco 3080 and 3085 SP Surgical Table owners. The Amsco Foot Extension is rated for patients up to 1000 pounds, and is designed for secure and easy attachment and full positioning capability.

Bladeless & Blunt Tip Trocars

May 11, 2005 12:05 pm | Ethicon, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

Booth # 904 • The ENDOPATH® XCEL™ trocar is engineered to facilitate precision and efficiency during surgical procedures. Available in bladeless and blunt tip configurations, XCEL is designed to stay in place and eliminate instrument hang-ups while offering reduced instrument drag-force and improved seal durability.

The New PURPLE Shippert Medical Catalog!

May 11, 2005 12:04 pm | Product Releases | Comments

All of the best medical supplies and instruments that Shippert Medical has been supplying for the last twenty-five years, plus many new products in nasal splinting, electrocautery, scalpels, garments, wound drainage, and liposuction. Cost-effective innovation can always be found with Shippert Medical’s products, including the adhesive nasal Denver Splint, Rhino Rocket nasal packing, Hotsy cauteries, and Biplane liposuction handle.

Patient Positioning Table

May 11, 2005 12:03 pm | BERCHTOLD Corporation | Product Releases | Comments

Designed for use in surgical suites where control and patient positioning are critical, BERCHTOLD’s OPERON® B 810 is a feature-rich general purpose surgical table with flexible articulation for precise patient positioning and maximum weight capacity throughout its entire range of motion. The carbon fiber tabletop and integrated x-ray cassette channel offer optimal imaging clarity and access with the widest imaging window available.

Fluid Disposal Systems

May 11, 2005 12:03 pm | MD Technologies, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

The Environ-mate™ DM6000 Series Suction-Drain™ Systems offer low-cost, practical solutions to fluid waste management concerns. Health Care Staff is isolated from exposure to suctioned fluids, and room turnaround time is minimized. Units are designed for GI/Endoscopy, SPD/Utility Room and Surgery (Cystoscopy, Arthroscopy and Urology) Applications.

Waste Fluid Evacuation System

May 11, 2005 12:03 pm | Product Releases | Comments

The Aqua-Box is a compact, stand-alone, wall-mounted unit that optionally adds a disinfectant before safely discarding waste fluid down existing facility sewer lines. Quick, efficient and safe, Aqua-Box can evacuate a standard suction canister in about 12 seconds. By eliminating the pouring and splashing of suction canisters, it provides a safer alternative for handling potentially infectious fluids.


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