Tue, 08/03/2010 - 6:21am

We say we exchange words when we meet. What we exchange is souls.
-Minot J. Savage

It was Monday evening. The shelves in the electronics department overflowed with different styles, prices, and brands of headphones, all displayed in sealed plastic cases. I was in the mood to buy but was baffled by the array of options in front of me. This was not going to be as simple as I had thought.  

A young salesperson broke off his conversation and sauntered casually to where I was struggling. Grinning impishly, he leaned on the display.  “Hey,” he wanted to know, “how was your weekend?”   

“How was my weekend?” I repeated silently to myself. I neither looked up nor answered. What kind of question was that? Was this some new technique he had learned guaranteed to increase the likelihood of a sale? I’m here looking at headphones and he wants to know about my weekend?  

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