Purchasing Considerations For Fluid Waste Control

Fri, 10/08/2010 - 10:53am
Bruno Mombrinie, President, AVEC Scientific Design Corporation

High Quality. Products that are highly absorbent and provide effective coverage are the key to ensure infection control and staff safety.  High quality mats have the thick fibers to capture and lock in fluids.  Only these mats will effectively reduce the amount of contaminated fluid left behind and lessen the risk of slips and falls.  High quality suction devices can manage the large amounts of fluid on the floor on their own. In an intense fast turn-around time environment, only products that really work will get used and they are a much better choice over patient blankets and OR linens.

Noise. The AORN position is: “Operative and invasive procedures are high-risk activities, therefore, AORN is committed to promoting a noise-controlled environment that minimizes interruptions and distractions.”  Slurping noises are particularly irritating.  If you prefer a suction product, then consider the wicking devices.  They work better and are silent.

Cost. The important thing is to look at the costs of not using an effective product. Reducing work place injuries and reducing the risks posed by contaminated fluids far outweigh the expenditures on effective products. The disruption, distraction, and consequences of undesirable events also take away from the primary task of patient care.



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