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Tue, 02/22/2011 - 5:18am
Jenifer Wynne, Co-Owner, SMD Wynne Corporation,


What should surgical professionals consider when choosing shoes to wear in the OR?

Jenifer Wynne, Co-Owner, SMD Wynne Corporation

Durability: To ensure maximum durability, the quality of manufacturing is very important.  A durable shoe should last years, so finding a durable shoe saves you time, money, and effort. A shoe that can be sterilized with your instruments because of its quality and manufacturing is even better. 

Comfort:  You take care of patients all day; you deserve a shoe that does the same for you.  The proper shoe should provide long-lasting hours of comfort.  It accomplishes this through proper heel height (1 ½”) to correctly align your body, reducing fatigue, side ventilation holes for breathability, and messaging bumps or comfort insoles to soothe the bottom of your feet.  With an additional choice of upper ventilation holes, you may very well forget that you are wearing shoes at all.

Reputation:  Choose a product that has been in the marketplace and has proven effective for the job you need done.  Whether it is for protection in the operating room, slip resistance for hospital floors, easy sterilization, or all of the above, choose the shoe that coworkers, the industry, and you can agree on. 



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