Comparing Laporoscopic To Robotics Procedures

Wed, 04/04/2012 - 6:48am

In an interview on a website called MassDevice, Gary Guthart, CEO of Intuitive Surgical, maker of the Da Vinci surgical robot, offers many seemingly persuasive arguments regarding why the robot is revolutionizing modern surgery.

Here is an example of an interesting answer he gave to a question about a paper from the Journal of Clinical Oncology that said robotic hysterectomy was much more expensive than standard laparoscopic hysterectomy without demonstrable improvement in outcomes. Guthart said, “It turns out that the paper actually entirely misses the point, in that it compares laporoscopic [sic] to robotics, but the reality is that what's happening in the market is robotics are converting open procedures to robotic procedures.”

The paper didn't miss the point at all. It made the point that standard laparoscopic surgery is equal to robotic hysterectomy except for its cost.

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