Patient Advocates Need To Manage Expectations

Wed, 05/02/2012 - 5:03am
Trisha Torrey

Joan, age 75, living in Ft. Lauderdale, was diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer. Joan’s daughter, Beth, who lives in Kansas, contacts Maxine, a private patient advocate and RN who works in Ft. Lauderdale, to help her mother. Joan, Beth and Maxine have extensive conversations about the care Joan will need. The decision is made that Joan will need surgery and chemo. Maxine is hired to oversee the care since Beth lives so far away.

The surgery goes well. The hospital stay is typical. Joan is discharged from the hospital, but three days later begins to show signs of an infection at her incision location. Sure enough, it’s a staph infection which is already running rampant through her body. Joan dies less than a week later.

A bad outcome – no question about it.

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