Pregnancy Among Women Surgical Residents

Wed, 05/30/2012 - 7:19am

A paper reporting the results of a survey of women surgeons on the topic of pregnancy appears in Archives of Surgery online ahead of print.

Responses were received from 1937 female surgeons, which was 49.6 percent of those who were sent surveys. Not surprisingly, the findings were that women surgeons feel stigmatized about pregnancy during surgical residency training.

Things are improving, but slowly. The percentage of women reporting that pregnancy during training is stigmatized fell from 76 percent for women who graduated more than 30 years ago, all the way down to 67 percent for women who graduated less than 10 years ago. The difference was statistically significant [p = 0.001] but hardly significant in the real world. At this rate, pregnancy among female surgical residents should be no longer stigmatized by about the year 2127.

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