Why Do Malpractice Claims Take So Long To Be Resolved?

Fri, 07/27/2012 - 4:52am

Two recent papers have prompted me to ask myself the question, “Why do malpractice suits take so long to be resolved?”

One was by a group from Harvard, USC and the RAND Corporation. They looked at more than 10,000 closed malpractice cases for all specialties and found the average length of time it took to close a case was 19 months, with litigated claims taking a little over twice as long as non-litigated claims, 25.1 vs. 11.6 months respectively. Claims that were resolved at trial took much longer averaging 39.0 months for defendant verdicts and 43.5 months for plaintiff verdicts.

The second study was by a group headed by a surgeon based at a Johns Hopkins affiliated hospital. They reviewed 187 closed surgery claims at four university hospitals in New York. Using a different method of calculating the length of time, they noted a mean time until resolution of all claims of 4.5 years. Cases closed with no payment took 3.9 years, while those won or lost at trial took about 5 years.

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