Half Of What We Teach You

Fri, 01/25/2013 - 11:52am

Half of what we teach you is wrong. We just don’t know which half. -Anonymous

My most vivid memory of medical school is the pressure we felt to learn everything that was set before us. There was pressure to learn and pressure to understand. We gorged ourselves on facts, concepts, diagrams, flashcards, lecture notes and mnemonics. Even as we drank facts and data from a proverbial fire hose, however, we realized entire disciplines were evolving.

For example, much of the Immunology we struggled to memorize in medical school was soon proven incorrect. We searched for information in older textbooks with trepidation, fearing encounters with long-discarded details and theories. We marveled that previous generations of physicians had never been taught tobacco and cancer were somehow linked to each other. How could they have not known?

And then there were changes we encountered in surgery.

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