For Lack Of Transparent Prices

Wed, 10/14/2009 - 5:08am
by Dr. Alan Dappen

I am approaching an important anniversary of my heart attack. Until then, I had missed but a single day of work due to illness since starting medical school in 1975. Even in the middle of the heart attack, I played an entire ice hockey game, slept a few hours, had a business meeting with a fellow doctor at Starbucks, and went back to the office to see patients. 

In retrospect, my actions could be labeled as folly, bravado, machismo, denial, and lucky. I accept all labels as true. Without a trace of shame I have shared this archetypal story with friends and patients hoping that by laughing hard enough at me, I might prevent at least one person from dropping dead from stupidity. In my defense there is an untold story that contributed to my irresponsibility. It's called the lack of transparent pricing.

I’m sure that you too have your own story. Here’s mine …

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