Blood-Clotting Foam Wins Award

Wed, 12/02/2009 - 7:38am

Remedium Technologies Inc., a company developing a shaving cream-like foam that stops severe bleeding, won $10,000 in the Most Promising Security Idea category of the Global Security Challenge 2009. Selected from more than 100 entries from around the world, Remedium is developing a high-pressure foam that can be sprayed into an injured body cavity, adhering to tissue and rapidly stopping bleeding as it expands.

Matt Dowling, CEO of Remedium Technologies, said the company is “more determined to turn our idea into a commercial reality as quickly as possible. We truly believe our sprayable hemostatic foam will have an enormous impact will save many lives in the future.” Remedium is also developing a patent-pending, Velcro-like sponge and a spray, both of which stop hemorrhaging. Pre-clinical testing is underway for both products.

“Our new product is similar to a can of shaving cream – you spray it into a wound, it becomes an expandable foam, fills the space, and stops the bleeding without using any pressure,” says Dowling. “It doesn't require any special training to use, so it can be distributed to soldiers, paramedics, or civilians for emergency or mass-casualty situations. There are currently no products available to effectively treat non-compressible injuries.”


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