Hotel In Hot Water

Mon, 12/14/2009 - 5:33am

A Miami hotel has been evacuated after one guest died and two more fell ill from contaminated drinking water. The hotel in question is the Luxury Epic in downtown Miami – which was housing more than 300 guests at the time of the evacuation.

On Sunday, all guests were relocated to surrounding hotels, following a cluster of physical illnesses. It is yet to be confirmed that there was Legionella bacteria in water at the hotel, but officials are confident that this indeed is the problem.

The fatality was reported in a man who stayed at the hotel three months ago. Two additional cases have been confirmed in people who stayed at the same hotel during the last three months, more evidence pointing to the fact that the Epic drinking water is contaminated.

Recently the hotel received a new, very powerful water filter, so powerful that it may have actually removed some needed chlorine from the water, thus allowing the bacteria to fester. Legionnaires’ is contracted by a person from drinking contaminated water, and it can not be spread person-to-person.


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