New Social Site Connects To The OR

Mon, 01/25/2010 - 5:12am is a new social website intended to be the first that lets members share their surgical procedures live with friends and followers, both on as well via a live video stream from surgical scopes and instruments over Twitter and Facebook. The site’s creator, Edward Boches, also hopes a simple interface will allow for tweeting vital signs during an operation.

The site could be the next step for on-line social interaction, as an aging, yet very interactive population enters an age where more of their life will revolve around health-related issues. In addition to video and vitals, the site could also automatically upload still photographs the procedure at pre-determined intervals chosen by the patient. Images will be available on Flickr, Facebook and accessible via a new iPhone app also under development.

Quoting a post unveiling the site, “SeeMyOp could become an incredibly valuable resource when it comes to health care. It will familiarize patients with procedures, allow them to learn from friends’ experiences, and provide them with comparative cost information. It could even help with tracking the success rates for different procedures by both hospital and specialists as its installation base grows and more users embrace the new technology.”

SeeMyOp is still in the early phases of development, but more information is available at



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