Fewer Complications With Sutures For Cesarean

Fri, 02/05/2010 - 3:43am

Researchers have found that there were fewer complications for women, after having a cesarean delivery, if sutures were used instead of staples to close the wound. Women undergoing cesarean delivery in labor as well as scheduled cesarean delivery were used in the study.

Use of staples resulted in a higher wound separation rate, higher composite wound complication rate, and increased post-operative physician visits. Staple closure was associated with a more than a four-fold increased risk of wound separation. Median operative time was eight minutes shorter in the staple group, however.

The study demonstrates that the use of staples for cesarean delivery closure is associated with an increased risk of wound complications and post-operative physician visits. Subcuticular suture may therefore be the preferred method of skin closure for cesarean delivery.


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