Wii Ability Points To Laparoscopic Skill

Tue, 02/02/2010 - 5:54am

According to research appearing in Surgical Endoscopy, studies have suggested a possible link between video-gaming and laparoscopic skill. The authors feel that the Nintendo Wii, with its motion-sensing interface, could provide a better model for laparoscopic tasks. This study investigated the relationship between Nintendo Wii skill, prior gaming experience and potential laparoscopic surgical abilities.

In this study, 20 participants who had minimal experience with either laparoscopic surgery or Nintendo Wii performed three tasks on a webcam-based laparoscopic simulator, and were assessed on three games on the Wii.

The score for each of the three Wii games correlated positively with the laparoscopic score, as did the combined Wii score. The participants in the top portion of Wii performance scored 60.3 percent higher on the laparoscopic tasks than those in the bottom. Partial correlation analysis with control for the effect of prior gaming experience showed a significant positive correlation between the Wii score and the laparoscopic score. Prior gaming experience also correlated positively with the laparoscopic score, but no significant difference in the laparoscopic score was observed when the participants in the top percentile of experience were compared with those in the bottom.

The authors concluded that a skill overlap between the Nintendo Wii and basic laparoscopic tasks does exist and that surgical candidates with advanced Nintendo Wii ability may possess higher baseline laparoscopic ability.


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