Palestinian Girl Receives Reconstructive Skull Surgery

Mon, 03/22/2010 - 6:40am

A year after a little girl from the Gaza Strip was shot in the head and nearly died, surgeons at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center preformed reconstructive surgery. She’s being treated as a charity case for a surgery that will provide the protection she needs to live a normal life.

When Israeli tanks rolled into the Gaza Strip last January, six-year-old Noor Thabet and her siblings gathered to take a look. A stray bullet found its way through their window and hit Noor, shattering the top of her skull. The tough little girl pulled through after a two-week coma, but a shattered skull left part of her brain unprotected. A 2” soft spot on the top of her head ran from front to back.

Now a year later, surgeons at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center will protect this area with a new titanium plate. The girl is doing remarkably well in recovering from a surgery that many don’t survive. The surgery was arranged by The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, which works to help children injured in the throws of war.


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