Donations Propel Toddler's Miracle Surgery

Mon, 05/17/2010 - 7:47am

The parents of an Edmonton, Alberta toddler are now confident their son will be able to undergo surgery for a rare birth defect, thanks to the generosity of people across Canada.

The two-year-old, Maddox, was born with lymphatic cystic hydroma, a severe and rare malformation on the left side of his face that has so far been untreatable by doctors. However, the family learned about Dr. Milton Walen in New York City, who specializes in facial malformations and birth defects. Cost had been the only factor that stopped the family from jumping on a plane. At bare minimum, the two-part operation will cost the family nearly $50,000, excluding travel costs and any follow up complications.

A trust fund created for the little boy and his family has received about $10,000, with many donations coming from strangers. The surgery is set for Friday. Maddox’s parents reached out to the public for support after realizing financial aid from the government wouldn’t arrive in time.

Hope Air, an organization that helps Canadians get to medical treatments when they can not afford the cost of the flights, has given Maddox and his father two plane tickets to New York for the surgery. If they don’t get enough money in time, the surgery would have to be postponed to the end of the year, which means both Maddox’s self-esteem, as well as his malformation, could worsen.

Maddox is an otherwise healthy little boy who loves hockey, but his parents have noticed him becoming increasingly more aware of his appearance. The family’s trust fund can be reached at

Source: The Toronto Sun


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