Company Offers Vendor Credentialing Solution

Wed, 07/07/2010 - 7:32am

Universal Vendor Services, LLC (UVS) is entering the business of Health Care Industry Representative (HCIR) Credentialing by implementing 2009 joint recommendations of AdvaMed, Joint Commission, and a host of other stake-holding professional organizations.

Until today, there has been no Vendor Credentialing Organization that has standardized HCIR credentialing. The company says this lack of universal standards has resulted in a system that is neither efficient nor cost effective. UVS will issue each HCIR a unique identification number that will be used by hospitals and/or other Credentialing Organizations to check the status of HCIRs while ensuring their privacy.

Universal Vendor Services, LLC is a centralized vendor credentialing company that has partnered with the Salesforce™ (San Francisco, CA) cloud computing company to offer a real-time seamless system that allows manufactures or HCIR employers to centrally store HCIR required documents in a central, secure data base. Universal Vendor Services, LLC has implemented a compliance program to verify HCIR credentials and allow hospitals and other Vendor Credentialing Organizations access to its system and verify the HCIR has met universal (Joint Recommendations) credentialing guidelines.

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