Using Fat For Breast Augmentation

Wed, 07/28/2010 - 7:24am

Imagine breast augmentation without the use of a saline or silicone implant. Imagine using a woman's natural fat to give her a bigger bosom. That's the concept behind a new fat transfer procedure being offered by Dr. Bill Johnson at Dallas-based Innovations Medical.

Organic Breast Augmentation combines Smart Liposuction with Autologous Fat Transfer to re-align a patient's sub-dermal fat. Dr. Johnson can enhance a patient's breast size using her own body fat, with no chemical implants. “We call this an Organic Breast Augmentation because we are not introducing any foreign or man-made materials to the woman's body. It's 100 percent natural body fat,” says Dr. Johnson.

Whether made of saline, silicone or another type of rubber polymer, a breast implant is basically a foreign substance sewn inside a woman's body. For some women, the concept is inherently uncomfortable. Organic Breast Augmentation marries liposuction with the latest fat grafting technologies. The service allows Dr. Johnson and his surgical team to relocate the fatty tissue in a matter of hours at one of two North Texas offices. According to Innovations Medical, this new type of breast augmentation is typically cheaper, easier and has fewer side effects than any other breast enhancement. The patient is usually awake for the procedure.

His patients also say the feel is much more natural. “Some of my patients have had their implants removed prior to an Organic Breast Augmentation,” adds Dr. Johnson, “and they say the difference is dramatic.”


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