European Surgeon Tabs SPIDER For Single-Incision Gall Bladder, Hernia Operations

Fri, 10/22/2010 - 6:17am

The TransEnterix SPIDER® Surgical System, a platform that allows for operating through a patient’s belly button, has received regulatory approval to market in the European Union. With this approval in place, Professor Helmut G. Weiss, a respected expert in minimally invasive surgical techniques, used the SPIDER system to remove the gallbladders of two patients, repair an inguinal hernia in a third patient, and perform a colorectal procedure in a fourth. The surgeries took place at Barmherzige Brüder Hospital in Salzburg, Austria. Assisted by Dr. Walter Brunner, Weiss successfully completed each surgery as a single-incision procedure. The inguinal hernia repair was the first procedure of its kind in the world to be performed with the SPIDER system. The surgeries were featured on Österreichischer Rundfunk, Austria’s national public service television broadcaster. Weiss later presented findings from the cases during a single-incision surgical symposium held by the Austrian Surgery Alliance. Surgical thought-leaders in Europe have expressed great enthusiasm for SPIDER’s minimally invasive approach, enabled by its flexible, 360-degree-rotating devices, said Luke M. Roush, vice president of global marketing. After using the system, Weiss commented that, “SPIDER provides a safe and stable platform to perform a variety of abdominal surgical procedures via the umbilicus.” The SPIDER allows a surgeon to operate through a patient's belly button with expansion technology that enables surgeons to operate at angles similar to those achieved in traditional laparoscopic surgery. The surgeon makes a small incision in the patient’s belly button and inserts the device through it. The surgeon opens the system like an umbrella and performs the procedure. When finished, he closes the system and removes it through the same incision. The SPIDER system’s triangulation capability and flexible instrumentation are proprietary technologies created by TransEnterix and are not available in other systems on the market. Since the SPIDER was released in March, surgeons have used it to successfully treat colon cancer, repair hernias, remove kidneys and gallbladders, apply gastric bands, and perform gastric sleeve procedures. To see how the SPIDER works, visit


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