Titan Announces Testing Results From Robotic Console

Tue, 05/03/2011 - 6:56am

Titan Medical, Inc. announced some testing results for its Beta console early user study. Key opinion leaders in urology and cardiac surgery participated in the initial study and provided their feedback. The Beta Console prototype was tested through task-based simulations and bench models that cover common robotic surgical maneuvers, such as clutch and camera movement for the surgeon to explore the functionality of the console. During the study, the Beta Console sub-systems, including the console workspace, graphical user interface (GUI), 3-D HD vision system, hand-grips, intelligent arm rest, camera, endoscope and haptics feedback were reviewed.

John R. Valvo, M.D., F.A.C.S., Director of Robotics, Division Head of Urology at Rochester General Hospital, commented, "It did not disappoint. Using suggestions from surgeons in the field, the engineers from Titan have listened and have done a remarkable job as an initial offering. Robotic surgery is really about information. This console allows the surgeon to be totally immersed in the most critical data to successfully navigate the operative experience more precisely and safely."

Hiep Nguyen, M.D., Associate Professor in Surgery (Urology) at Harvard Medical School and the Director of Robotic Surgery, Research and Training Center at Children's Hospital Boston, added, "If the prototype is any indication of the final product, we will finally have a surgical robotic system that is adaptive to the needs of the surgeon rather than being limited by technology. The Titan robotic system addresses many of the limitations of current robotic systems and, in addition, provides novel technology such as haptic feedback. The design of the Titan robotic system truly has the surgeon and the patient in mind. The Titan robotic system will allow more surgeons to utilize robotic surgery and, thus, will allow more patients to receive the benefits of minimally invasive surgery."

The Amadeus Robotic Surgical System is the company's next generation 4-armed robotic surgical platform. The surgical console is a new design, with force feedback and an enhanced vision system, enabling unprecedented ease of instrument control and system functions. Other elements that make up the surgical system include multi articulating arms, communications, simulation systems and advanced instrumentation.


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