New Minimally Invasive Ankle Fracture Treatment

Mon, 07/11/2011 - 7:39am

IlluminOss Medical, Inc. has announced the first use of its system in the repair and stabilization of a fibula fracture in an 80 year-old female patient. Dr. Thomas Gausepohl, a leading trauma surgeon in Germany, implanted the IlluminOss Photodynamic Bone Stabilization System. He stated, "With the IlluminOss system, I was able to stabilize the fibula using a small incision without disturbing the ankle joint or the skin surrounding the fracture. Only a thin layer of skin and soft tissue covers the distal fibula, and the classic technique of plating with screws often results in patient complaints of plate prominence, pain, and skin irritation."

The IlluminOss system is inserted completely within the internal confines of the bone through a tiny hole. The implant is then formed in place with gentle inflation, conforming to the inside of the bone to provide axial and rotational stability, all while avoiding the use of under-skin implants that can cause soft tissue irritation and prevent the patient from daily activities like wearing a shoe.

Dr. Gausepohl continued, "I was able to treat the patient in less than forty minutes and am totally satisfied with the result." The minimally invasive system is used in treating fractures through a small entry into the bone. The flexible balloon catheter is inserted into the bone and placed across the fracture site. A proprietary liquid monomer is then infused through the catheter, expanding the balloon that assists in the alignment of the fractured bone. A special light source is then used to illuminate the monomer inside the balloon, converting it into a hardened polymer implant.

The result is a customized orthopedic implant that provides strength and stabilization to the bone during the healing process. Dr. Gausepohl continued, "After closing the tiny skin incision, the patient has mobility without the need for heavy external plaster casts.

The IlluminOss platform technology is presently being extended to applications in weight bearing bones, spine, sports medicine, cranial-maxillofacial fields and site-specific therapeutic drug delivery.


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