Olympus Acquires Spirus Medical

Fri, 07/08/2011 - 5:31am

Olympus Corporation recently announced their acquisition of all shares of the U.S. venture company Spirus Medical, Inc., - an endoscope insertion device manufacturer with headquarters in Stoughton, Massachusett. The acquisition targeted Spirus’ endoscope insertion assistance technology.

The acquisition of Spirus is seen as a way for Olympus to support their focused strategy of maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of endoscopic observation, diagnosis and treatment through the advancement of endoscopic technology. Spirus has commercialized devices which aid in the insertion and advancement of endoscopes for upper and lower endoscopy. Spirus’ manual rotation devices, developed in 2006, were used in conjunction with a conventional endoscope. Last year, the company succeeded in developing a powered spiral endoscope insertion technology driven by an integral motor incorporated into a propriety endoscope design.

The powered technology consists of a rotatable soft spiral incorporated on the insertion tube of endoscopes to facilitate deep insertion within a shorter amount of time, as compared to conventional endoscopes. Olympus aims to develop new endoscopic systems by combining Spirus technology with its own.


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