Microline Surgical Announces Merger With Starion Instruments

Fri, 10/28/2011 - 7:05am
Beverly, Mass. – Microline Surgical, a leading manufacturer of reposable instruments for minimally invasive surgery, today announced that it has completed the merger of Starion Instruments™ Corp, a developer of surgical technology for sealing and dividing soft tissue. The merger, effective October 3, 2011, enables Microline to fully leverage Starion’s manufacturing, research and development, customer service and financial operations and sets the stage for future expansion. Through strategic acquisitions and organic growth, Microline Surgical has extended its offerings and strengthened its leadership position in the surgical marketplace. A global medical device manufacturer headquartered in Beverly, Mass., Microline has sales in over 60 countries throughout North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. According to Sharad Joshi, Microline’s president and chief operating officer, the integration of Starion’s operations opens the door to future expansion into new clinical areas and markets. “This final phase of the Starion merger represents a significant milestone for Microline, providing us with access to resources with which to grow our company and better position Starion’s product offerings to the global healthcare marketplace,” said Joshi. “The synergies between our operations and technologies will provide benefits across our mutual product lines and further our mission to advance clinical excellence in laparoscopic, ENT and vascular surgery.” Microline’s reposable platform meets the global healthcare market’s growing need to deliver exceptional patient outcomes in a cost-effective manner. The company’s instruments feature reusable handles and disposable tips, combining the clinical and economic benefits of fully reusable instruments with the quality and precision of fully disposable instruments. Since Microline acquired Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Starion in April 2009, the companies have embarked on a transcontinental collaboration to develop new medical devices that integrate Starion's tissue welding technology into Microline's reposable platform. Their first product offering, the MiSeal reposable thermal ligating system, is the first and only reposable device in the marketplace that simultaneously seals and divides soft tissue and vessels using direct thermal energy. “Microline’s marriage with Starion has enabled us to expand our reposable platform into an essential part of surgery, the sealing and dividing of soft tissue, providing both clinical and economic benefits to the customer that we serve,” said Dr. Jean-Luc Boulnois, chief executive officer of Microline Surgical. “Moving forward as one company, we are developing new ways to deliver Starion’s safe and effective energy source through Microline’s economical, eco-friendly design. We anticipate that this approach will enhance our current offerings and further our expansion into additional areas of care.”


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