Uninsured Patient Describes Agony Of Botched Surgery

Mon, 07/02/2012 - 7:50am

An uninsured man who paid his doctor in cash is claiming that the doctor botched his hernia surgery, severed his colon, gave him an animal tranquilizer and called him a whiner and a baby for complaining after his surgery resulted in gangrenous intestines, a lost testicle, and a colostomy bag. Pedro Hermenegildo is suing Dr. Ricardo Rocha, Rocha General Medicine Clinic and the Medical Center of McKinney, in Dallas County Court. 

Hermenegildo had no medical insurance, so he paid Rocha cash for a hernia surgery. He says Rocha decided to perform it at his clinic rather than at a hospital, and that the only anesthesia used was Ketamine, a local numbing agent that veterinarians use on animals. Typically an outpatient procedure lasting one hour, the surgery lasted eight hours and was extremely painful because the animal tranquilizer was ineffctive. Rocha then quit the surgery and asked his patient to leave the clinic, although he did ultimately stay in the clinic overnight.

Still in pain once he returned home, Hermenegildo called 911 and was taken to the emergency room at the Medical Center of McKinney where he was diagnosed with a grotesquely swollen scrotum. Not knowing all the circumstances surrounding the situation, The Medical Center of McKinney sent Hermenegildo on his way, instructing him to take some basic medication for pain and inflammation.

Rocha would late pay a vistit to the Hermenegildo home. Instead of performing any kind of examination or rendering any medical care, Rocha called Hermenegildo a whiner and complainer, then assured the family everything was fine. After another difficult night, Hermenegildo's wife took him to Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. There they found Hermenegildo's lower abdomen was filled with fecal matter. During the emergency surgery, it was discovered that Rocha severed Pedro's colon and in an attempt to repair the damage, had tied off the colon far too tightly, cutting off circulation. As a result, in addition to removing widespread fecal matter from Pedro's abdomen, the emergency surgery involved the removal of 12" of decayed colon. One of Pedro's testicles also had to be removed. The complications associated with extraction of gangrenous intestines also left Hermenegildo with a colostomy bag.

Hermendegildo is now seeking damages for medical negligence, gross negligence, pain and suffering, disfigurement, and lost wages and earning capacity.


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