Mesh Lawsuits Could Impact Surgical Procedures

Mon, 08/06/2012 - 6:59am

(PRNewswire) Legal-Bay LLC is reporting that the first test trial was a win for a transvaginal mesh patient and her husband. Christine Scott was awarded $5 million by the jury for her pain and suffering of nine separate revision surgeries. Her husband was awarded $500,000 due to their loss of intimacy, which stemmed from a product defect of a vaginal mesh implant.

Another trial is set for April 2013 in New Jersey, however if the California case is any indication, it looks as if the general public believes that mesh manufacturers may be liable for substantial damages. Legal-Bay previously reported that the value of these cases could be as high as $500,000, depending on damages, but the California verdict could change things dramatically. This could lead to serious financial exposure for other makers of the product.


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