Integrated Access Control System Protects Patients And Staff At Children’s Surgery Center

Fri, 09/28/2012 - 7:34am

(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Children’s Surgery Center in Maitland, Florida, is more secure and sanitary all because of an often overlooked office device — their phone system. The Center uses two unique features on the ESI-100 Communications Server, presence management and access control, as both an added security measure for the children and families who visit and a sanitary measure for staff and patients alike. The communications system, integrated with a security management program, implements modern technology that allows the Center to streamline operations in a cost-efficient manner.

As a brand new building that first opened in November, 2010, the surgical center was subject to rigorous codes and standards mandated by local and state jurisdictions. The Children’s Surgery Center had to meet Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) standards for building and operational procedures for facility management, patient handling, and other ambulatory surgical center requirements.

“A critical aspect of the construction was the ability to control access to the entrance of the sterile corridors and surgical areas, due to the daily rotation of different doctors and nurses working in the facility,” explained Phil Medina of KeyCom Telecommunications, an Orlando-based ESI Reseller who oversaw the installation of the ESI-100 Communications Server. “ESI’s presence management and access control features give the Children’s Surgery Center full control over staff and patient access to different areas.”

Staff members wear proximity cards with ID stickers on them that link to the ESI system and control staff access to specific areas within the Center. For example, back-office staff can have access into the building and general offices, but they can be prohibited from doors that secure the sterile corridor leading to the operating rooms. Likewise, surgeons, scrub nurses, and anesthesiologists can access the sterile corridor and operating rooms, but not the accounting office. This strategic limitation of access to areas decreases the chance of germs and diseases from spreading, keeping the entire building and all employees, patients, and visitors healthy and safe.

“We have lock systems in the center and the ESI phone has a unique feature that unlocks the doors. This is an essential function of the Center, as it safely keeps our young patients and their families in the appropriate areas,” explained Shirley Mead, Center Director. She added, “Controlling patient and staff movement between specific areas also prevents germs from spreading across the hospital to other areas.”

The presence management feature allows administrators to observe all staff members’ entry and exit from the building. As well, when a staff member scans their proximity card at a reader to access a different area within the building, a signal is sent to the administrator, who can clearly and easily keep track of numerous staff members. This allows administrators to quickly find essential staff members in emergencies.

ESI President and COO George Platt commented, “ESI has been a leader in high-performance phone systems for small-to-medium-sized businesses for 25 years, and we have been working with our valued partner KeyCom for 20 years. We’re thrilled that the phone system and ESI’s unique presence management and access control capabilities are being used in an innovative and life-saving way at the Children’s Surgery Center.”

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