Metropolitan Methodist Hospital Achieves Heart Failure Accreditation

Wed, 02/27/2013 - 1:24pm

Metropolitan Methodist Hospital became the third hospital in the greater San Antonio region to achieve Colloquium Heart Failure Accreditation. Joining sister hospitals, Methodist Specialty & Transplant Hospital and Methodist Stone Oak Hospital, Metropolitan met twelve heart failure milestone requirements in four domains: Community, Hospital, Clinician, and Science.

"We were a bit surprised to find that as a community hospital, Metropolitan is providing a level of care somewhat higher than many larger institutions," said Tony Joseph, MD, Colloquium CEO. "Dr. Roger Muse and other cardiologists are working hand-in-hand with hospitalists like, Roger Wilcox, MD and the Metropolitan nurses to provide seamless hospital care and transitions back into the community upon discharge." Metropolitan's work has been chosen for national presentation in June this year.

Another example of excellent care is the use of the wearable defibrillator for those heart failure patients who are at risk for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Patients at Metropolitan are screened for risk of SCA prior to discharge from the hospital while their treatment is being optimized. When the patient goes home, they wear the defibrillator vest which acts like a personal AED in case of cardiac arrest. Well over a hundred patients have been treated this way at Metropolitan with a good deal of success. The patient follows up with Cardiologist as an outpatient. According to Dr. Muse, the majority of patients improve substantially and eventually no longer need the wearable defibrillator. Others go on to having an internal device placed at a later date.

The Healthcare Colloquium is the only accrediting body focused solely on Heart Failure Accreditation. The Colloquium is also the only hospital membership organization providing heart failure accreditation. Experts from the various member hospitals develop accreditation criteria within four domains: Community, Hospital, Clinician, and Science collaboratively using process improvement methods.



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