Mother-Daughter Cosmetic Surgery A Bonding Experience

Wed, 02/13/2013 - 12:29pm

(Marketwire) The practice of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures has endured many trends throughout the years. However, surgeons are taking notice of a rise in those that offer a new sense of support to the patient. While the concept of couples' plastic surgery has remained in vogue for many years, a recent article from The La Jolla Light reveals that many mothers and daughters are approaching cosmetic procedures together as a way to bond over beauty.

The article states, "Plastic surgeons throughout the country are seeing more and more mother-and-daughter pairs coming in together as a team - and helping one another through the healing process by providing support through shared experience." Dr. Jennifer Hein, founder of the Women's Institute of Cosmetic and Laser Surgery in Illinois, encourages the development of a strong support system throughout plastic surgery. However, she notes that this approach does require some caution.

The article highlights the experiences of mother-daughter pair Tasha Sheckells and Jani Reyes who both opted to pursue cosmetic surgery together. According to the article, Reyes "was 'pleased with her results, but that the best part of the entire experience was the time and bonding she shared with her daughter." Dr. Hein of Women's Institute of Cosmetic and Laser Surgery responds, "A good support system can be helpful in deciding on a procedure and may also help in providing support after a surgery. In many cases shared experiences from friends and loved ones who have had procedures can help with what to expect."

Despite the unique personal experience that cosmetic plastic surgery can offer, Dr. Hein believes that these procedures are not to be approached as carefree as other bonding opportunities. Hein concludes, "At the Women's Institute of Cosmetic and Laser Surgery, we welcome female patients from a diverse set of backgrounds. However, we maintain that it is important to note that individual patient results and experiences can vary greatly. It is further essential to be sure that the surgery is what the individual considering it wants and not what someone else wants for them - a communication problem that may come up during a mother-and-daughter procedure."


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