Steris Signs Supplier Agreement With Centrak

Tue, 03/26/2013 - 3:43pm

Steris Corporation has recently signed a non-exclusive agreement that assigns CenTrak, Inc. as a selected active RTLS supplier for STERIS’s RealView Visual Workflow Management Software. This advanced solution is a live, patient-centric, Lean visual management system that transforms the entire perioperative continuum of care into a high-performance environment.

“We are pleased to announce our strategic relationship with Steris to enhance their workflow management solutions for the perioperative suite,” said Mark Nowakowski, vice president of sales for CenTrak, Inc. “CenTrak’s ability to deliver Clinical-Grade Locatin data allows visibility at strategic points of transition along the perioperative pathway, which helps improve workflow and communication throughout the department. We are preparing for initial deployments with STERIS and look forward to working together to provide meaningful real-time solutions for healthcare providers.”

Robert Popilock, Senior Manager of Marketing and Strategy for STERIS, added, “STERIS and CenTrak Inc. have successfully validated a dynamic patient workflow solution designed to improve key efficiency and patient satisfaction metrics. The RealView Visual Workflow Management Software with CenTrak’s Clinical-Grade Locating Platform provides perioperative stakeholders with enterprise-wide visibility in real-time, and with dashboard performance analytics throughout their perioperative department and other procedure-based areas. This allows health systems to achieve continuous efficiency improvements and facilitates scheduling optimization and increased surgical room use across their healthcare systems.”

“Specifically,” Popilock continues, “this collaborative workflow management solution enables physicians, managers and perioperative staff to have access to critical outputs such as analytics, reporting and scheduling alerts for optimal decision-making. This awareness can also help drive on-time procedure starts, room turnover and real-time procedure updates for families, which in turn can optimize patient and staff satisfaction.


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