Richard Wolf Is The Exclusive Distributor Of The Thermedx Fluid Management System

Thu, 10/24/2013 - 4:06pm

Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corp. announces it has entered an agreement to become the exclusive distributor of the Thermedx Fluid Management System, which pressurizes and delivers irrigation fluid to distend and irrigate the surgical site during certain gynecological and urological surgical procedures. The partnership brings Richard Wolf, a leading manufacturer of medical endoscopes, together with Cleveland, Ohio-based, Thermedx, LLC, an emerging leader in the design and manufacture of fluid management systems.

The "best-in-class" Thermedx System is comprised of a touch-screen operated, electro-mechanical device that is used in combination with disposable tubing sets that carry the irrigation fluid through the device for pressurization and warming and then to the surgical site.  It is primarily used in hospitals, surgery and ambulatory centers for diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy, for instance to remove uterine fibroids and polyps, as well as urological procedures that target the prostate, kidney stones or tumors in the bladder.

Richard Wolf will be responsible for distributing the Thermedx system across the U.S. and Puerto Rico; Thermedx will retain distribution to customers in Ohio near its headquarters.
"Proper distension of the operative cavity and fluid management is critical to maintaining high visibility for the surgeon performing diagnostic and surgical procedures," said Jim Fagan, Corporate Director of Sales for Richard Wolf. "The versatility and broad market appeal of the Thermedx Fluid Management System is a great addition to our product portfolio."

Doug Carr, President and CEO of Thermedx, described the distribution agreement with Richard Wolf as a "tremendous opportunity to accelerate commercialization efforts by working with a well-respected company that has national sales coverage and substantial fluid management experience."


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