Cancer Patient Sues For $1M After Surgeons Remove Wrong Kidney

Mon, 06/16/2014 - 11:13am
Mike Schmidt, Editor, Surgical Products

A 55-year-old Arlington, Texas man is seeking approximately $1 million in damages because he says surgeons removed the wrong kidney during a 2013 procedure to treat cancer.

According to a June 12 article in the Fort Worth Star Telegram, Glenn Hermes learned those tasked with overseeing his treatment for kidney cancer misread a CT scan prior to the surgery. Doctors were supposed to remove his right kidney before the cancer spread to other parts of his body. Instead, they took out his left one.

Hermes and his wife, Bernadette, filed suit against his urologist, Dr. Robert Stroud, and a radiologist, Dr. David Fenyes, for malpractice and gross negligence. Also named in the lawsuit were Lonestar Urology (where Dr. Stroud is president) and Radiology Associates of North Texas. It should be noted that Fort Worth, Texas-based Plaza Medical Center, the facility where the procedure took place, was not named in the lawsuit.

Hermes is still struggling to properly address his illness. According to the Fort Worth Star Telegram article, he had to have a portion of his right kidney removed because of he cancer. He has limited kidney function and is unsure what the future holds for him in terms of treatment. He may need a transplant, dialysis, or expensive medication. However, he must be free of cancer for five years to be eligible for a transplant.



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