Barrel Racing Woman Undergoes Remarkable Surgery

Thu, 08/21/2014 - 11:41am

Tammy Davis doesn't need luck to finish a barrel racing clover-shaped course.

She's been a competitive racer for two years and speeding around the track with her horse Rocky.

Davis first got on a horse 47 years ago and has been riding high around her native Bakersfield ever since. Yet a freak accident earlier this year almost ended her riding career.

"I was helping my horse shoer with a friend's horse and, it just bolted forward, knocked me down and put me in a ball and just trampled over the top of me," said Davis.

Davis thought she was paralyzed and would never walk again. An MRI scan revealed she had a herniated spinal disk that was applying severe pressure to her nerve. But she was determined to get back on her horse.

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