Pain Relief System

February 13, 2013 10:13 am | by I-Flow | I-Flow Corporation | Product Releases | Comments

The ON-Q Pain Relief System, manufactured by I-Flow, a Kimberly-Clark Health Care Company, is an elastomeric, non-narcotic postoperative pain relief system that administers an automatic and continuous flow of local anesthetic through a catheter(s) to the surgical site area or peripheral nerve.

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September 21, 2012 7:50 am | VBM Medical, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

VBM Medical introduces the G-LT, a two-channel solution designed for obtaining and maintaining control of airway patency during medium to long-term complex gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures performed on adults under deep sedation or general anaesthesia while maintaining spontaneous or assisted ventilation.

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Contiplex FX System

June 26, 2012 12:41 pm | B. Braun | Product Releases | Comments

B. Braun Medical inc. has created the Contiplex® FX system to answer the need for simple, cost-effective ultrasound guided Continuous Peripheral Nerve Blocks (CPNB). The latest generation of B. Braun PNB products is intended specifically to support providers who no longer utilize a Dual Guidance or stimulation approach, as well as blocks that can be performed without the aid of stimulation.

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BIS VISTA™ Bilateral Monitoring System

October 19, 2011 9:36 am | Covidien | Product Releases | Comments

The BIS VISTA Bilateral Monitoring System and BIS™ Bilateral Sensor provide the capability to detect hemispheric differences in the brain, which may prove useful for advanced monitoring applications. Advanced Bilateral features include: Four-channel EEG monitoring Asymmetry Indicator (ASYM) Density Spectral Array (DSA) For more information, visit respiratorysolutions.

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ReVel Ventilator

September 21, 2011 9:07 am | Product Releases | Comments

CareFusion announced the launch of the ReVel™ ventilator, a new high performance, portable device designed for pediatric to adult (min. 5Kg) patients who require breathing support during transport. The ReVel ventilator is a complementary addition to CareFusion’s Alternate Care portfolio, including emergency and military respiratory care, which is focused on helping clinicians improve patient care, optimizing ventilator therapy and reducing costs.

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Anesthesia Delivery System

August 10, 2011 7:12 am | MAQUET Medical Systems USA | Product Releases | Comments

The MAQUET FLOW-i® Anesthesia Delivery System features a modular, ergonomic design that seamlessly combines high-performance ventilatory capabilities, evolved from the MAQUET SERVO ventilator platform, with precise electronic anesthetic delivery. FLOW-i is engineered with the core technology of the unrivaled MAQUET SERVO ventilator platform.

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Hybrid Ventilation Unit

January 10, 2011 5:38 am | Product Releases | Comments

The ASHRAE Position Document on Airborne Infectious Diseases states: Airborne infectious disease transmission can be reduced using dilution ventilation, specific in-room flow regimens, room pressure differentials, personalized and source capture ventilation, filtration, and UVGI.

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Respiratory Airway Adapter

December 13, 2010 5:29 am | Product Releases | Comments

CareFusion announces the launch of Verso™ 90 adapter, a component that enables uninterrupted access to a ventilated patient's airway without having to disconnect the patient from the ventilator. Disconnecting a patient from the ventilator circuit can lead to life-threatening lung infections and degradation of lung function.

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Three New Platforms For Ventilators

December 13, 2010 5:27 am | Covidien | Product Releases | Comments

Puritan Bennett 840 Neonatal ventilator Covidien announces that three new platforms for its Puritan Bennett™ 840 ventilator ― the Puritan Bennett 840 Neonatal ventilator, the Puritan Bennett 840 Universal ventilator and the Puritan Bennett 840 Pediatric-Adult ventilator ― are now available in the United States.

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Ventilator System With New Options

September 4, 2009 5:45 am | Covidien | Product Releases | Comments

Covidien introduces its Leak Compensation software feature for the Puritan Bennett 840™ ventilator system to provide continuous levels of mechanical ventilation to patients requiring respiratory support, regardless of the level of gas leakage that might occur in the circuit or past a patient interface device in the clinical setting.

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Critical Care Ventilator

June 23, 2009 11:34 am | Royal Philips Electronics | Product Releases | Comments

Royal Philips Electronics introduces the Respironics V200 Critical Care Ventilator. The ventilator exhibits: Integration of auto-adaptive technology. The ability to provide ventilation for neonatal, pediatric and adult patients. Innovative speaking mode found only on the Respironics V200 and Esprit ventilators that provides the tracheostomized patient the ability to speak without the need for costly external valves.

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Device Busts Post-Op Pain, SSI

June 11, 2009 4:36 am | I-Flow Corporation | Product Releases | Comments

The post-operative period is a crucial time for preventing infection in patients, particularly surgical site infection. Although still thought to be widely unreported, SSIs are the third most frequently reported nosocomial infection with 27 million annual surgical procedures resulting in an SSI rate of approximately 2 percent, according to data provided by I-Flow Corporation.

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Anesthesia Product Catalog

January 23, 2009 7:56 am | AliMed, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

AliMed, inc. recently released its new 2009 Anesthesia Catalog. AliMed has always featured anesthesia specific products in their annual Operating Room Sourcebook and various publications throughout the year, but this is AliMed's only Anesthesia-specific catalog in over two years. The 72-page catalog includes everything an anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetists uses everyday, from straps and positioners to A-line or airway management tools.

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Continuous Nerve Block Kits

November 12, 2008 12:13 pm | Teleflex Medical | Product Releases | Comments

The Arrow® StimuCath® Continuous Nerve Block Kits offers improved infection protection for the patient and improved sharps safety protection for the clinician. The new kits include Tinted ChloraPrep® Hi-Lite Orange®, which instantly highlights the prepped area with a rapid-acting, persistent and broad-spectrum antiseptic.

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Topical Anesthetic Spray

September 15, 2008 6:21 am | Sultan Healthcare | Product Releases | Comments

? TOPEX® Metered Spray is a 20-percent Benzocaine spray that delivers a precise amount of Benzocaine with no over spray. TOPEX Metered Spray is easy to use: Insert the disposable applicator straw into the white nozzle and spray area to anesthetize. The disposable straw reduces concerns of cross contamination and is long enough to reach difficult areas.



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