LED Backlight Surgical Displays

October 15, 2013 9:33 am | by NDS Surgical Imaging | NDS Surgical Imaging | Product Releases | Comments

NDS Surgical Imaging has expanded its family of advanced LED backlight surgical displays with the release of the new 24” Radiance G2, 55” Radiance G2 and 24” EndoVue monitors. The benefits of LED backlight technology are many. LED displays consume less power, thereby reducing energy costs. NDSsi stabilized the LED backlight at 500 cd/m² for the life of the product with the introduction of its 26” Radiance G2 High-Bright display.


Multi-Touch Monitor

July 31, 2013 10:17 am | by Eizo | Product Releases | Comments

The FlexScan T2381W multi-touch monitor from Eizo combines superb image quality, durability, and a design that is optimized for comfortable 5-point multi-touch use. The 23-inch non-scratch touch screen surface is made of reinforced glass. It features a new fully flat surface that enables seamless touch operation.


MD Vision

July 15, 2013 10:24 am | by Perkins Healthcare Technologies | Product Releases | Comments

(2013 ESP Award Nominee) MD Vision from Perkins Healthcare Technologies is one of the few Class II Medical Grade Video Devices in the world that can simultaneously integrate and process up to 12 different video sources and display these in a collage format on a single 8MP display.

LISTED UNDER: Video Recorders | Visualization Systems

Innovative Medical Products Porta-View

June 21, 2013 3:13 pm | Product Releases | Comments

The Porta-View from Innovative Medical Products lets surgeons view X-ray films right next to the operating room table. The sturdy, maneuverable stand frees surgeons, especially those performing delicate, intricate procedures, from having to leave the O.R. table to view X-rays.


Diagnostic Medical Imaging Monitors

May 24, 2013 10:16 am | by Sony/Monitors Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

The newest diagnostic medical imaging monitors for radiology – Sony’s LMD-DM series — are now available from Monitors Inc.  Covering every modality including CR/DR, CT, MRI, PACS, US NM, and full-field digital mammography (FFDM) studies, the displays are 510(k) cleared for diagnostic use.


All-In-One Screen

April 15, 2013 10:46 am | by Ampronix | Ampronix | Product Releases | Comments

Ampronix created the new VERSAPAXX, an all-in-one screen that lets you capture images and video all in HD. It features advanced analytical and diagnostic tools to make your integration seamless.


declipseSPECT Viewer

February 27, 2013 10:19 am | by SurgicEye | Product Releases | Comments

SurgicEye introduces its declipseSPECT viewer, a solution for 3D navigated radio-guided surgery. Developed in cooperation with leading surgical oncologists, it will enable healthcare professionals to increase the efficiency of surgery with marked tumor structures, providing 3D imaging and navigation in the operating room.

LISTED UNDER: 3D Imaging Systems

iDose4 Premium Package

December 17, 2012 10:31 am | by Philips | Product Releases | Comments

Philips offers the iDose4 Premium Package, a new CT offering that includes two leading technologies that improve image quality – iDose4 and metal artifact reduction for orthopedic implants (O-MAR). iDose4 improves image quality through reduced artifact prevention and increased spatial resolution at low dose.

LISTED UNDER: CT Fixed/Mobile Units

Digiview 250

September 19, 2012 6:43 am | Product Releases | Comments

Kubtec announces the Digiview 250®, a flat panel detector. This low dose, high-resolution detector is ideal for neonatal, pediatric and extremity imaging. The Digiview 250 weighs less than seven lbs., has a high resolution - 96µ pixel size, 14 bit contrast with a 20 cm x 25 cm active imaging area and integrates with any existing X-ray source.

LISTED UNDER: X-Ray Accessories

BNX Fine Needle Aspiration Platform

June 11, 2012 6:58 am | Product Releases | Comments

Beacon Endoscopic Inc. has announced the limited market launch of the BNX™ System, its novel fine needle aspiration platform for use in endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) and endoscopic bronchial ultrasound. The BNX™ System incorporates a delivery system that easily loads and unloads low cost, high performance FNA needles of varying sizes.

LISTED UNDER: Ultrasound Systems

Cardiovascular Ulatrasound System

April 25, 2012 7:05 am | GE Healthcare Surgery | Product Releases | Comments

GE Healthcare has announced the FDA clearance and availability of the latest version of its Vivid E9™ cardiovascular ultrasound system. The Vivid E9 Breakthrough 2012 (BT12) includes a 4D transducer for transesophageal echocardiography (TEE), and also provides innovative tools designed to help improve workflow efficiency through simplified image acquisition, intuitive navigation and advanced, yet easy to use quantification.

LISTED UNDER: Ultrasound Systems

CMOS Portable Detector System

February 6, 2012 8:27 am | Product Releases | Comments

KUBTEC’s DIGIVIEW 250™ is the first FDA approved CMOS portable detector system for controlled, low-dose x-ray examinations. Ideal for NICU and orthopedic imaging, and designed with the most fragile patients in mind, the DIGIVIEW 250™ fits easily into an incubator tray.  With advanced CMOS construction, it acquires the highest spatial resolution images with the lowest dose in the industry.

LISTED UNDER: X-Ray Accessories

HD Image Capture

January 31, 2012 5:48 am | Karl Storz Endoscopy-America, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

The KARL STORZ AIDA® HD Connect image capture solution is integrated into operating rooms to acquire FULL HD 1080p video and still images that can be saved in a variety of formats to a centralized location. This provides enhanced image and video management for documentation purposes.

LISTED UNDER: Video Recorders

Image Guided Surgery Technology

October 5, 2011 6:26 am | Brainlab Inc | Product Releases | Comments

Brainlab announced the launch of Curve™ Image Guided Surgery, the ultimate command and control center for information-guided surgery. Curve features the latest image guidance software powering advanced 3D displays and hallmark Brainlab image enrichment. This advanced technology allows ultra-fast image updating when tracking instruments, which promotes intra-operative confidence.

LISTED UNDER: 3D Imaging Systems

Xenia Pro For Medical Imaging

September 30, 2011 7:40 am | Product Releases | Comments

Matrox is pleased to announce that its Xenia Pro triple-output display controller boards for medical imaging are certified by Aspyra on it latest AccessNet™ version 6.7.0 picture archiving communications system (PACS) solution. The Xenia Pro PCIe x16 single-slot board features one gigabyte of on-board RAM, providing AccessNet customers with a cost-effective, multi-modality PACS workstation that can reliably manage low to high-resolution images.

LISTED UNDER: CT Fixed/Mobile Units


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