Digital Mapping Technology For Instrument Repair

June 16, 2008 1:10 pm | Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp. | Product Releases | Comments

Spectra-Scan™ is the first digital mapping technology designed specifically for instrument repair. The digital microscope records images for “before and after” repair documentation. It also locates and records micro cracks, missing teeth, pitting and the presence of bioburden. This technology can magnify 250 times allowing photographic images to be cataloged for liability prevention or printed out for departmental training.

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Needleholder Repair Service

May 15, 2008 6:34 am | Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp. | Product Releases | Comments

Spectrum offers a Needleholder rejawing and refurbishing service. Spectrum’s German-trained surgical instrument technicians are able to replace the worn tungsten carbide jaws in any make or model of gold-handled needleholder. Spectrum’s mail-in needleholder refurbishing service includes full alignment, lubrication and adjustment, with fast turnaround and a complete satisfaction guarantee.

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Surgical Instrument Detector

April 14, 2008 11:48 am | Guardianor | Product Releases | Comments

The GuardianOR™ Surgical Instrument Detector is a loop type metal detector imbedded in the lid of a standard sized hamper stand that is designed to alert medical staff whenever a metal object such as surgical instruments and tools are accidentally discarded into medical waste receptacles or linen bags.

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Surgical Repair Technologies

February 19, 2008 10:05 am | Surgical Repair Technologies | Product Releases | Comments

Surgical Repair Technologies (a division of Sohniks Endoscopy) is a state-of-the-art, FDA-registered complete repair facility located in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota and specializes in the repair of all makes and models of flexible and rigid endoscopes, orthopedic power equipment, Phaco emulsification instruments and all instrumentation commonly used in modern surgical procedures.

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Five Star Surgical, Inc.

February 19, 2008 10:05 am | Five Star Surgical | Product Releases | Comments

Five Star Surgical repairs all surgical hand-held products as well as instrument sets and kits (Cardiac, ENT, Neuro, Orthopaedic, etc), power equipment and accessories, Ridge scopes, Micra knives and titanium instruments to “like new” conditions. The average turnaround time is 24 to 48 hours for hand-held instrument tray refurbishment.

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Instrument Tip Protectors

February 19, 2008 9:57 am | Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp. | Product Releases | Comments

Spectrum Surgical now offers an assortment package of surgical instrument tip protectors. The assortment includes many sizes and colors and can be used for general instruments, verres needles and laparoscopic instruments. These tip protectors are completely latex-free. Many patterns are available that can be reordered individually and are available in vented and non-vented styles.

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Plastic Surgery & Specialty Instruments

December 17, 2007 4:30 am | Miltex, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

Miltex now offers Padgett Instruments by Miltex, a new partnership of two well respected names in surgical instrumentation. The Padgett Instruments by Miltex offering features a selection of over 1,000 new instrument patterns to meet a variety of clinical needs for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery involving breast, face, eye, abdominal, nasal, maxillofacial, cleft palate, hand and many other procedures.

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Plastic Instruments

November 13, 2007 6:02 am | Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp. | Product Releases | Comments

To help reduce costs in the healthcare sector, Spectrum has introduced reusable instruments made from high-grade sterilizable plastic. These instruments are autoclavable and are extremely resistant to chemicals and ultrasonic waves. The patterns available include: sponge forceps, towel forceps, stitch scissors, tweezers, tube clamps, and kocher forceps.


Precision Surgical Instruments from Aesuculap, Inc.

October 11, 2007 11:31 am | Aesculap, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

Barre-Instruments For Radical Prostatectomy Radical prostatectomy is the gold standard treatment for localized prostate cancer. This operation remains one of the most difficult in the field of Urology. Aesculap Inc. has addressed this issue by developing the “Barre Instruments” for Open Radical Prostatectomy.

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Instrument Loss Prevention System

October 11, 2007 11:30 am | Meddetect, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

The MD-2000 Surgical Instrument Detector is designed to assist instrument tracking systems and protect against instrument loss. It can pinpoint and detect surgical instruments that leave the tracking system and get lost in soiled linen and waste bags. Hospitals purchasing the MD-2000 can save as much as eighty percent through lost instrument retrieval.

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Laser for BPH Procedures

October 11, 2007 11:27 am | Biolitec, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

The Evolve SLV laser is used to vaporize the prostate gland and treat all urologic soft tissue, including bladder tumors and urethral strictures. Operating at a 980nm wavelength allows equal absorption by both water and hemoglobin, making it ideal for vaporization combined with optimal hemostasis.

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Bipolar Metzenbaum Scissors

September 10, 2007 5:16 am | Aesculap, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

The PL700 Ceramic Bladed Bipolar Metzenbaum Scissors combine ceramic bladed scissors technology and safe bipolar energy for superior cutting and sealing of tissue bundles and vessels in one step. The Metzenbaum style ceramic blade provides a self sharpening action to provide a superior, long-lasting, high performance cut in both the cold and energy mode.


Laser Ablation Treatment System

September 10, 2007 5:16 am | Spectranetics Corporation | Product Releases | Comments

The Turbo-BOOSTER is the first laser ablation treatment FDA-approved to clear blockages in arteries above the knee. The treatment system can be used to threat peripheral artery disease (PAD), which often occurs in the arteries above the knee. This minimally invasive laser treatment can be performed quickly (usually in one to two hours) and painlessly.

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Laparoscopic Scissor Tips

July 13, 2007 7:41 am | Mediflex Surgical Products | Product Releases | Comments

The Cutting Edge line of Disposable Laparoscopic Scissor Tips offers the advantage of a new, sharp blade for each procedure without the high cost and red-bag waste associated with fully disposable scissors. The line, manufactured in Germany, consists of three sizes of curved Metzenbaum tips, one straight Metz and a Hook Scissor.


Urology Laser

July 13, 2007 7:39 am | Biolitec, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

The EVOLVE SLV™ office use surgical laser system utilizes contact tissue vaporization, producing immediate relief not found with older minimally invasive technologies such as Microwave and Radio Frequency. The highly portable system produces up to 120 watts of power delivered through an optical fiber, and draws110 Volts from standard power outlets, making it suitable for use in a physician’s office or OR.

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