LigaSure Vessel Seal Technology

April 11, 2012 8:01 am | Covidien | Product Releases | Comments

Covidien's LigaSure technology provides a unique combination of pressure and energy to permanently seal vessels up to and including 7 mm in size, lymphatics and tissue bundles. The average seal cycle is 2-to-4 seconds and seals withstand three times normal systolic blood pressure. The feedback-controlled response system automatically discontinues energy delivery when the seal cycle is complete, eliminating the guesswork.

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Creating A Greener Cannula Instrument Set

April 10, 2012 7:36 am | Product Releases | Comments

Allen Howes, president and CEO of TTI Medical answers some questions about the ACCU-Surg® Suction/Irrigation Cannula Instrument Set. 1. How was the idea for this product developed? What needs were you looking to meet with this product? Development of the ACCU-Surg Suction/Irrigation Cannula Instrument Set was based upon designing a high quality trumpet valve that would not leak or stick during laparoscopic surgery and could be used over and over again.

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ATW Medical

April 9, 2012 6:26 am | Product Releases | Comments

ATW Companies Inc. will be showcasing its ATW Medical brand and highlighting its leadership in engineered metal solutions for medical devices at BIOMEDevice Boston, April 25-26, 2012, at the Boston Convention and Exposition Center in Boston, MA. ATW Medical specializes in manufacturing orthopedic and laparoscopic instruments using tube fabrication, laser cutting/welding, CNC machining, and metal injection molding (MIM) capabilities.

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BOOKWALTER Retractor Enhancements

April 4, 2012 9:43 am | Symmetry Medical Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

Symmetry Medical Inc. has launched twelve new line enhancements to the BOOKWALTER Retractor System through its hospital direct surgical instrumentation division, Symmetry Surgical. The BOOKWALTER Retractor System was included as part of Symmetry's recent acquisition of the surgical instrument portfolio of Codman & Shurtleff.

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Ring Retractors

March 19, 2012 7:54 am | Product Releases | Comments

Millennium Surgical works with American and German manufacturers to customize existing retractors adding fiberoptic capability, duplicate out-of-production items, and alter handle styles to suit surgeon preference.  A full range of ring retractors, including custom blades and initial incision retractors for hip cases, is available.

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Versaport Bladeless Optical Trocar

March 16, 2012 6:12 am | Covidien | Product Releases | Comments

Covidien has launched the Versaport bladeless optical 5 mm trocar which will give surgeons clear visualization of the tissue layers during insertion in laparoscopic and thoracic procedures. The proprietary cannula design offers excellent fixation for port security and stability. The low-profile design delivers optimal maneuverability, even when the trocar is used in small spaces.



March 2, 2012 5:19 am | Product Releases | Comments

TTI Medical offers the ACCU-Surg®, an environmentally friendly alternative to single-use disposable suction/irrigation cannulas for MIS. The patented trumpet valve is guaranteed not to leak or stick and is backed up with a 5 year guarantee. The product line consists of various 5mm cannulas, 10mm cannulas and laser fiber inserts.


AirSeal System

February 29, 2012 6:38 am | SurgiQuest, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

SurgiQuest has introduced the AirSeal® System, the world’s first intelligent and integrated access system for laparoscopic and robotic surgery. The AirSeal iFS and the AirSeal Access Port work together to provide stable pneumoperitoneum (even under constant suction), continuous smoke evacuation, and valve-free access to the abdominal cavity throughout a surgical procedure, reducing CO2 absorption by the patient and operative time by 15 percent.


Endo Parts Bag

January 25, 2012 6:18 am | Healthmark Industries Company, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

Healthmark Industries has announced that they now offer the Endo Parts Bag. This product allows you to keep all of the valves for each scope together, as directed by the manufacturer. Detaching the valves before storage keeps the endoscopes from retaining water and therefore prevents contamination.

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Surgical Retractor System

December 20, 2011 6:17 am | Pemco, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

The Rultract Skyhook Retractor from Pemco Inc. uses gentle and uniform lift allowing for maximum exposure. This system has a quick and easy set-up,independently pivoting rakes and allows for quick directional change.

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Reusable Cannulas

December 19, 2011 7:06 am | Pemco, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

December 19. 2011 The unique ergonomic design of Pemco cannulas provides for proper placement of tip. Pemco reusable cannulas are precision crafted from stainless steel and are available in Fixed or Leak Proof Swivel tip styles. Tip styles and handle configurations shown are examples of full product line.


Unitrac Retraction And Holding System

December 7, 2011 6:31 am | Aesculap, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

2011 ESP Honorable Mention The pneumatically-powered Unitrac® Retraction and Holding System from Aesculap, Inc. increases procedure efficiency and allows for an obstruction-free surgical site in both open and minimally invasive surgery. Precise adjustments are possible with the push of a single button, thus freeing the surgical assistant to carry out higher priority tasks.

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Laparoscopic Peanuts

December 7, 2011 6:00 am | Product Releases | Comments

2011 ESP Honorable Mention Apollo Surgical’s patented Laparoscopic Peanuts are the only dissectors to use five to seven layers of 100 percent surgical cotton gauze on the peanut tip, which allows the surgeon to use one peanut for an entire procedure without compromising quality or durability.

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Uterine Manipulator & Instrument Holder

November 28, 2011 10:28 am | Kronner Medical | Product Releases | Comments

Blue Ribbon Winner - Instrumentation Category The Kronner Side-Kick firmly holds uterine manipulators during laparoscopic surgery, helping to reduce personnel fatigue. The Side-Kick is attached to either side of the operating table rail behind the leg stirrup attachment. The manipulator is inserted into the patient using standard technique, then the Side-Kick is joined to it.

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TriPort+ Access System

November 28, 2011 10:10 am | Product Releases | Comments

Yellow Ribbon Winner - Instrumentation Category Olympus recently launched the new TriPort+ access port for single-site surgery. The TriPort+ has three 5 mm ports and a 10 mm port (reducible to 5 mm) enabling a surgeon to replicate the traditional 4-port Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy through a single incision in the umbilicus.

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