December 15, 2009

Medicus Health carries Respiratory Hygiene Stations that are designed to work with standard hand sanitizer pumps or foam/hands free dispensers. Both units are also available with key locks for the face mask and tissue box compartment or without locks. According to the company, the stations provide:

  • The CDC recommended products to help visitors and staff comply with the "Cover your Cough" directive.
  • The ability to add the optional sign holder and the “Cover your Cough” sign as a visual reminder to follow the guidelines.
  • A sign holder can hold any 8-1/2” x 11” sign for customized messaging in your facility.
  • The ability to fit  on counter tops and also has keyholes so it's easy to mount to the wall and refill.
  • The ability to be mounted on top of the company’s Kiosk Stand for placement in lobbies, waiting rooms, elevator banks and other high traffic areas as a reminder for visitors to employ proper hand hygiene.

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