The following product is a submission for the 2014 Excellence In Surgical Products Awards.

The GStirrup from Frontier Medical Innovations is a patient positioning tool that provides safety, stability, and comfort to patient’s legs when in the lithotomy position. It can be attached to any exam table in seconds with no tools required. According to the company, a few key benefits of the GStirrup are:

  • It reduces the risk for nerve damage
  • It can be attached to any exam table or procedure table, as there are no accessories required
  • It is easily portable, as one pair of GStirrups can be used between the OR, surgery center, ER, and doctor's office

The GStirrup supports the foot and lower leg. Many current lithotomy positioners support behind the knee, which can cause nerve damage. The GStirrup simply slides over current footrests to economically and effectively provide support for patients when in the lithotomy position.

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