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Flexible Iris Retractors

Wed, 02/16/2005 - 3:58am


A miotic pupil is a commonly encountered complication in cataract surgery. Should a small pupil remain unresponsive to routine topical agents, many surgeons advocate the use of flexible iris retractors to gently stretch and retain the iris for maximum visibility during the procedure. These bright blue micro retractors are only 10mm long and can be easily inserted through four evenly spaced limbal paracenteses. Once the iris is hooked and retracted, the surgeon slides the tiny adjustable silicone “donut” up to the limbus to secure the hook in place. Katena offers these retractors sterile, disposable in packages of 5 retractors (K20-3890) and in a reusable version with 6 retractors in an autoclavable Teflon sterilizing case (K3-4970).

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