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Microscope Ring Lights

Wed, 02/16/2005 - 3:58am


Micro-Lite® FL-1000 and FV-1000 ring lights for microscopes now feature Full Spectrum Lighting (FSL) bulbs as standard equipment. Full spectrum light contains the entire range of visible wavelengths, so that all objects and the widest range of materials can be optimally seen by the human eye. The Micro-Lite FL-1000 Fluorescent Ring Illuminator features advanced electronic ballast for control and stability, and dimmable intensity without flickering or humming. The Micro-Lite FV-1000 offers full intensity variability due to its exclusive patented microchip controlled dimmable fluorescent technology, that gives the user maximum lighting control to accommodate a wide range of viewing or inspection applications. It also gives operators the ability to adjust the lighting to their own comfort level. Both units are ESD-safe and offer a simply pluggable bulb design for easy and instant replacement.

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