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Eye Tracking System

Wed, 04/13/2005 - 7:35am


Ths ASL 6000 Series Modular Eye Tracking System includes two different configurations: Head-mounted (H6) and Remote (R6) configurations for a multitude of applications. The ASL Model H6 is a complete video eye tracking system for use in situations where the subject can wear lightweight, head mounted optics and must have unrestricted head movement. The ASL Model R6 is a complete video eye tracking system for use in situations where head mounted optics are not desirable and the stimulus presented to the subject is limited to a single surface. The new 6000 Series operates in conjunction with ASL’s Software Development Kit (SDK), compatible with popular analytical and presentation software including MATLAB®, E-Prime, and Presentation. ASL’s SDK is a powerful tool, helping users understand and analyze human eye movements and pupil dynamics across a full range of applications from aerospace to software program graphical design. 6000 Series options include high-speed and binocular optics, mobile (tetherless) configurations, and more. Eye tracking systems have a wide range of medical research applications and could have significant potential for early detection and treatment of various disorders.

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