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Galactography Cannulas

Tue, 07/19/2005 - 5:24am


Ranfac offers a line of Galactography cannulas designed to help determine is breast discharge might be related to significant pathology. After cleaning the nipple with Betadine and alcohol and under aseptic technique, a 30 or 31(RANFAC CAT # GIU-30/GIU-31) gauge cannula is introduced into the discharging duct orifice. The cannula has a 90 degree bend which allows easier introduction and helped prevent perforation of the duct. The cannula is attached to a plastic hub by a length of narrow plastic tubing. Also available a 30 or 31(RANFAC CAT # 30G-END/31G-END) gauge cannula, these cannulas are straight. After completion of the injection, the cannula is withdrawn and the duct sealed with Steri-strips. Routine CC and 90 degree views are obtained.


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