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Autoclavable Arthroscope System

Wed, 10/12/2005 - 2:34pm


The TrueView Direct autoclavable arthroscope system features single-hand control, allowing for seamless arthroscopy as the second hand can remain on the shaving or ablating device. Technical highlights include an integrated illumination system, 360 degree image rotation, and a direct coupling mechanism for rapid telescope exchange. The TrueView image features a distortion free wide angle view. Brightness and image quality are significantly improved by reducing the number of optical interfaces, which are associated with color aberrations and transmission losses. The new telescope-camera interface provides a firm connection and prevents fogging. All components are fully autoclavable and telescopes are protected by a unique five year Goldtip™ autoclavability guarantee. TrueView Direct arthroscopes are available in 4.0-mm and 2.7-mm systems.


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