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Radiofrequency Ablation System

Thu, 06/15/2006 - 5:41am


The Cool-tip™ RF ablation system is intended for use in ablating non-resectable liver tumors, providing a minimally invasive alternative for patients with hepatic cancer who are not ideal surgical candidates or are otherwise unable to be successfully treated with other methods. This system works by combining a radiofrequency generator with a 17-gauge internally cooled needle electrode to deliver therapeutic energy directly to the tumor. The electrode is inserted through the tissue and is guided to the tumor using imaging technology such as CT or ultrasound. Radio waves create energy at the needle tip to heat and destroy the tumor from the inside out. During the ablation, water internally circulates through the electrode cooling adjacent tissue. This maximizes the amount of energy that can be delivered and creates the largest ablation possible in a minimal amount of time. Because ablation with the Cool-tip ablation system is minimally-invasive, the procedure can be repeated until the entire liver tumor is ablated.


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